Indukantha Ghritham


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A classical Ayurvedic herbal ghee – Indukantha Gritham (ghee) from the Vedic text Sahasrayogam known for pacifying vitiated Vata dosha. This preparation has historically been used to support vitality and maintain healthy immune function. A gentle calming action of this recipe also helps supports normal digestion*



  • Vedic Formula: Ayurvedic Ghee infused with authentic natural ingredients*
  • Helps support normal digestion and healthy energy levels *
  • Helps improve vitality and maintain healthy immune function*
  • Derived from the ancient Ayurveda text Sahasrayogam*
  • Aids in the natural maintenance of immunity and supports the body with natural strength. 
  • Helps maintain the normal functioning of the digestive system*
  • It supports normal body temperature*
  • It helps in maintaining the natural strength of the bones and muscles.*

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Indukantha Ghritham

Indukantha Ghritam is an Ayurvedic preparation that is accessible as medicated herbal ghee. In Sanskrit, Indu means ‘Moon’ and Kanta means ‘Glitter,’ hence Indukantha refers to the Moon’s radiance and luster. This medically treated Indukantha Gritham (ghee) aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism and is beneficial in supporting normal immunity. This Ayurvedic ghee is also prescribed to help maintain the normal temperature of the body.

Our current sedentary lifestyle, stress, and faulty diet can lead to digestive troubles and a diminished immune system. As the body begins to gradually weaken, it becomes more difficult for it to function efficiently. The body needs foods and supplements that help in igniting the digestive fire that in turn support normal immune response and better health. Fortunately, Ayurvedic supplements for digestive health support the body to maintain healthy digestive functions and thus supports optimum nutrition to balance energy levels.  Indukantha Ghritham is one such Ayurvedic formulation that helps the body maintain a healthy balance. Read on to know more about Indukantha Ghritham.

Indukantha Gritham is a term that appears in the text of Sahasrayogam when discussing Gritha yogam. It is a highly effective formulation that helps maintain natural immunity, with a focus on the respiratory system and temperature of the body.

Indukantha Ghritham is a traditional Vedic formula. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is available in the form of herbalized Ghee that helps to maintain healthy energy levels and supports healthy digestion. Developed from a formulation taken from Sahasrayogam, it encourages vitality and provides the body with what it needs to sustain a healthy and effective immune response.

Indukantha Gritham (ghee) is particularly useful for Vata-related gastrointestinal functions and is suggested to help maintain emotional stability and mental health. 

Indukantha Ghritham

Stress and Ayurveda

Stress and anxiety can be the cause of various issues that might occur in your body. It can lead to digestion problems and lower immunity. When immunity weakens, your body becomes prone to other ailments. In such cases, it is important to first address the core issue that is stress and anxiety. Ayurvedic formulations like Indukantha Gritham help you maintain a healthy balance between your body and mind and support emotional stability.

Ayurvedic medicine for digestive problems can provide the body with the nutritional support it needs to regain its balance and begin to thrive. The unique formulation supports and nourishes the Vata Dosha. The Vata Dosha encompasses the elements of both ether and air. Nerve impulses, physical movement, and energy levels fall under the Vata Dosha.


Several herbs are used to create Indukantha Ghritham.

  • Piper longum (long pepper) – This supports normal upper respiratory health by helping maintain optimal Kapha levels and igniting your Agni (digestive fire)
  • Oroxylum – Supports normal functions of digestive system
  • Ceylon Leadwort – Encourages healthy digestion and supports the upper respiratory system
  • Tribulus – Works to promote normal digestion and supports vitality

This Ayurvedic herbalized Indukantha Gritham (ghee) includes all of the beneficial properties of the above herbs, as well as the additional properties that are gained when the ingredients are blended together. Slow cooking the herbs helps the active principles get absorbed better, increases the shelf life of the product and improves bioavailability. Each ingredient used in the mixture has been chosen for a specific reason.

The formula obtained from the ancient text, Sahasrayogam, is thought to be one of the most effective in Ayurvedic medicine. The concepts used in Ayurveda have been in place for centuries and have continually been used to promote good health and well-being. Through the use of these unique formulations, the healing properties they offer are being kept alive.


The preparation of herbal ghee is a very specialised and revered dosage form in Ayurveda. Dried or wet herbs are slowly cooked in Ghee making it more potent and can be stored for a longer duration, as the ghee acts as a natural preservative. The ingredients in Indukantha Ghritham promote higher energy levels and encourage proper digestion. By boosting the body’s immune system, other systems within the body are able to work more efficiently. You feel rejuvenated and will have a renewed sense of well-being. The all-natural formulation will give you a sense of vitality that will improve your mental and emotional well-being as well.

When used as advised, Indukantha Ghitham can provide the body what it needs to maintain efficient energy levels, support a healthy immune system and digestion. These three actions work together to maintain balance within the body. When one system becomes weak, the others tend to follow in short order. Introducing Indukantha Ghritham as part of your daily regimen where your body is able to naturally sustain its strength and vitality.

Appropriate Dosage

Dosages will vary from person to person. If you are unsure of how to determine your dosage, contact an Ayurvedic practitioner. This will ensure that you get the proper dosage to meet your individual needs. Carefully monitor any changes in your health so that you can continue to adjust your dosage as necessary.

Ayurvedic Supplement for Digestive Problems and Immunity

Choosing a supplement like Indukantha Ghritham for your digestive health and immunity support may be just what you need for your overall health and maintain natural vitality. Using an all-natural formula makes it easier for the body to break down and utilize the nutrients it needs. The ingredients support you to feel naturally rejuvenated and vibrant, promoting your overall well-being and giving you a positive outlook.


  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Maintains immune system
  • Sustains normal energy levels
  • A renewed sense of vitality
  • Improved feeling of well-being 
  • Positive outlook


Q1. What is the use of Indukantha Ghritham?

A1. Indukantha Ghritham is an Ayurvedic ghee that is infused with herbs that help in correcting the imbalance of Vata Dosha, supports normal digestion, maintains energy levels and promotes optimum immune response.

Q2. Is it available in other quantities?

A2. Indukantha Ghritham is available in a bottle of 200-gram capacity. It is also offered in the form of capsules in a container with 60 capsules.

Q3. Can it be consumed on a daily basis?

A3. Indukantha Ghritham is a herbal ghee that can be taken daily. It is suggested to take two teaspoons of this ghee (10 grams) one time a day or as per the recommendation of your physician. 

Q4. Is Indukantha Ghritham a medicinal ghee?

A4. Indukantha Ghritham is ghee that is infused with Ayurvedic herbs. Ghee in Ayurvedic medicine is mentioned as a Yogavahaka as it works as a catalyst and can transport herbs infused into the Dhatus or tissues in the body. This allows the herbs to be easily absorbed by the tissues so that the health benefits of the product can be completely experienced. Indukantha Ghritham is prepared as per the classical Ayurveda text Sahasrayogam. It contains ingredients like long pepper, oroxylum, leadwort, and tribulus. These herbs are well-known for supporting optimum digestive strength.

Q5. What are the health benefits of ghee in Ayurveda?

A5. Ghee is clarified butter, made from cow’s milk. Ghee contains fatty acids and has vitamins that are fat-soluble. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. All these are beneficial for the body supplying it with nutrients that help to improve digestive strength. Ghee contains antioxidants that help rejuvenate the cells of the body. Ghee in Ayurveda is considered as a Rasayana product that is anti-aging in nature. It helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the body.

Ayurveda promotes a holistic approach to wellness, whether it is for improving health, managing an imbalance, or general skincare. Ayurveda is an ancient wellness system with origins in India. This is a medical science based on ancient texts written by sages and is believed to be a gift of the Gods. The practice uses herbs and oils, and lifestyle changes to help you achieve inner radiance, which naturally reflects outward.

In Ayurveda, skincare depends on the skin type, which is defined by the Dosha – the Ayurvedic term for the primary functioning energy. Ayurveda uses the concept of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha to explain the cause of diseases, disorders, and health conditions. Skin can also be classified as belonging to one of the three types:

Vata skin: Here the skin tends to be dry and rough. The outer layer is likely to be thin and it can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging. Improper diet, exposure to harsh weather, and lack of water intake make the skin dry and this leads to many skin diseases. Vata requires the nourishment of the skin to moisturize it and create glowing skin.

Pitta skin: This type of skin is oily, fair or reddish, may have freckles, and tends to get inflamed easily. Improper food, stress, and other toxins cause skin inflammation and disorders like acne. It is important to treat the Pitta skin by detoxifying it and cleansing it. This can help in creating an attractive complexion.

Kapha skin: Kapha skin is oily. It is thick and usually smooth. The excess oil can affect not just the appearance but can also cause clogging of skin pores. This makes the Kapha skin easily susceptible to whiteheads, acne, and other such skin problems. An active lifestyle is recommended to treat the Kapha skin, along with other ayurvedic medicines that help in getting rid of toxins to maintain skin tone.

In Ayurveda, once the skin type is determined then appropriate skincare regimens are suggested to reduce the ill-effects of the Dosha. These treatments help to restore balance and create a glowing skin tone. Some of the Ayurvedic treatments used include:

  • Using herbal face packs to help improve skin smoothness.
  • Ayurvedic supplements to be taken orally to help manage imbalances.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Consume a diet that is suitable for the skin type to prevent skin problems.
  • Consume foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and having good fats to keep the skin elastic.
  • Exfoliate the skin using natural ingredients and follow a regular routine for skincare to ensure the skin remains healthy and well-nourished.
  • Practice Yoga to improve blood circulation, which nourishes the skin and makes it soft and glowing naturally.
  • Meditation has proven anti-aging effects and is recommended to improve your complexion from the inside out.
  • Use of Ayurvedic oils like Kumkumadi Oil for massaging the skin to help improve its tone.

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