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Ayurveda Skin Care

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system that relies on plant-based remedies to treat various ailments.

Skin care is one area that is heavily influenced by Ayurveda. With countless formulations and practices, Ayurveda has a solution to virtually every skin problem.

While there are several Ayurvedic skin care products available on the market, you must pay attention to their ingredients and their effect on your skin type.

The Ayurvedic system classifies a person’s skin-type based on the three doshas. Referred to as life forces or bioenergetics, these doshas make up the body and mind.

  • Pitta, known as the fire element
  • Vata, known as the wind element
  • Kapha, known as the water and earth element

In order for your skin to be healthy, these doshas need to be at their optimum levels as per the body’s constitution.

So, let’s quickly understand these doshas in order to put everything in context for you.


An individual with high levels of Pitta is likely to have sensitive skin, prone to rashes and inflammation.
This skin type needs elements that are gentle and have cooling effects on the skin. Some examples are turmeric, sandalwood and aloe vera. So, if you have pitta skin, having these elements as active ingredients in your Ayurveda skin care products will ensure the best results.


An individual with high levels of Vata has rough and dry skin, which needs regular moisturizing since it has fewer fat deposits.

For such skin types, it is recommended to use Ashwagandha in your face pack and consume ginger and other spices that help in the production of sebum – your skin’s natural oil that keeps your skin moisturized.


A kapha prakriti individual has cold and oily skin, which is highly susceptible to acne, water retention and whiteheads.

For such skin types, regular application of facial masks is recommended, and oil-based creams are a big no. Frequent skin exfoliation may also help.

Ayurvedic facials at home

Ayurvedic face packs and facials are known to treat various skin issues, such as acne, dark spots.

Kerala Ayurveda has the best ayurvedic products for skin rejuvenation and healing. These products are formulated with specific ingredients to suit a certain skin type. It is important to choose a product that not only offers the benefits that you are after but also aligns with your doshas to show the best results.

Apart from using Ayurvedic herbs for glowing skin, you can treat yourself to at-home facials occasionally using sesame oil, which is recommended by practitioners for all skin types. Almond oil is the next best alternative, which is suitable for pitta and vata skin types.

Gently massage your skin using these oils every day to get smooth and glowing skin.

If your skin is prone to acne, it is recommended to use kumkumadi oil or manjistha oil because of their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Ayurveda Face Masks at Home

Although you can use specific ingredients to prepare a face mask for your skin type, having a universal recipe is always better. It’s easy to remember, and you can recommend it to anyone regardless of their skin type.

What you will need:

  • 4 tablespoon fine oat flour
  • 4 teaspoon almond flour
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 5-8 drops of sesame oil

How to make it:

1. Mix all the powdered ingredients and add oil to it to achieve a paste-like consistency.
2. Apply the paste on your skin and wash off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.
3. Repeat the process twice a week

Can Ayurveda treat skin diseases?

Traditional Ayurvedic practices are believed to treat various skin diseases, but their efficacy is still questionable due to lack of scientific evidence. Nonetheless, Ayurveda can complement an ongoing medical treatment for various skin diseases.

By ensuring your doshas at their optimum levels and using herbal facials, face packs and Ayurvedic skin care products, you can get healthy, glowing skin naturally while tackling minor skin issues.