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  • Organic Khichadi

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Summary –

  • The word “organic” has become very popular in today’s world, due to increasing health concerns regarding the massive addition of chemicals in every product we use.
  • Chemicals enter our bodies through food laden with harmful fertilizers and pesticides. In cosmetics, they come from the various ingredients and preservatives used in chemical-based products.
  • The harmful effects of chemicals are worrying with some even being identified as carcinogenic. This has led to the demand for quality organic products that are totally free from chemicals.
  • Organic products are made from natural ingredients without the use of any type of chemicals in the formulation.
  • Organic cultivations avoid usage of pesticides, fertilizers, or different kinds of chemicals on the plants. This helps in retaining the nutrient value of the produce as well as minimise intake of toxic pollutants. 
  • The benefits of organic products have widely been documented and established.
  • Online organic beauty product stores like Kerala Ayurveda offer Henna that is a widely regarded natural caretaker for normal hair growth.
  • Organic Amla powder can be used for good skin and hair health. In other forms, it serves as a dietary supplement that is rich in Vitamin C and supports healthy digestion.
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Porridge is a meal that helps maintain optimal levels of the three Doshas based on one’s unique Prakriti and supports normal digestion and optimal immune response.
  • Brown Chickpeas, Cowpea White, Green Gram, and Navadhanya Mix are organic products containing healthy grains that can be used as meals. They are rich in proteins and minerals.
  • Raktasali Rice is an organic red rice that contains antioxidants and has higher fiber and protein content than white rice, which in turn is useful in counteracting free radicals.