Organic Protective Oil

Organic Protective Oil

Organic Essential Oil - Immune Protection


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  • Uplifting & Revitalizing Aroma
  • Defense Against Seasonal Illness
  • Promotes Optimal Immune Response
  • Stimulates Natural Antioxidant Release

203 in stock

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Organic Protective Oil

While you see yourself in the mirror, what is it that you perceive? Have you ever pondered about your lost glimmer?? Or spent hours thinking about the status of your immunity.

WE wake up with the day already partially scheduled from all the backlogs to the papers to be signed, the tight meeting appointments, the always fiery boss, the never-ending work demands, and the anxiety to somehow detach all the freight piled up in your offices and to equally focus on the buildup at home.

With the ever-increasing demands of work both at the office and at home on an individualist level, the multitude of stress has started settling in the most superficial layer of your skin as speckled blotches and pigmented blemishes. Even if we wave away the skin snags for the sake of maintaining the placid mind, we cannot just override its effect on the overall systemic functions especially that of immunity. The piled stress has an irreversible effect on the health status of the individual with the connections between mind and stress going hand in hand.

The majority of people overlook the fact that how genuinely effective our immune system is at protecting us against a wide variety of diseases. While they complain of having weak immune systems forgetting that their wrong lifestyle is making this situation worse. While clarifying the faults in the diet and regimen it is also necessary to calm the mind from within to support the most supreme functioning of the immune system. With sweet music and pleasant views, the bouquet of certain herbs just smears the mind with contentment while unknowingly clearing the path for the immunity to shimmer at its best. This is intended with the common aromatherapy which supports both health and wellbeing by uplifting the twain the physical and emotional spheres of the body.

Kerala Ayurveda’s Organic Protective Oil

Kerala Ayurveda has come up with an effective essential oil blend from the most organic sources that are used in natural skincare products to help you with your needs. This mystic vegan blend of potentially rich essential oils can do wonders in supporting your inner self while it shapes and propels the immune responses to its long-lost optimal capacity.

According to Ayurveda, the skin being the most superficial and first to propel from the digested nutrients has an important tranche to show the general body homeostasis. Hence the lion’s share in this blend is used to connote and support the optimal functioning of the skin tissue.


Kerala Ayurveda’s this mystic blend is a wonderful combination of 6 natural organic essential oils sourced right from nature’s basket. An organic blend potent with nature’s goodness; it can be used as a natural toxic cleaner. This same blend when diffused can be used to invigorate the air around you, filling your emptiness with a sweet and uplifting aroma.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

The oil extract of the citrus element of Orange has wonderful effects on helping the skin to gain the glimmer and toss off your deposits of worry from the dermal mucosa. It supports the balance of sebum production to check the excess breakouts and blemishes appearing on the skin as a result of escalated biogenesis of Pitta entity, resulting in natural glowing skin.

Organic Clove Essential Oil

Lavang as it is termed in Sanskrit is a unique herb that has warming properties for its hot potency and astringent flavor. This action clears the clogged channels and aids to facilitate better circulation of fluids. The astringent flavor combined with the warmth supports binding the skin cells together, giving them a taut feel.

 Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

This common ingredient in every cuisine has a hidden capacity to support the overall functioning of the body. It is well known for its ability to quell the dryness of the skin as it also helps to maintain the ratio of Kapha (one among the three-body biogenesis), and is thus one of the best essential oil for immunity.

Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil:

Just as how a cinnamon tea energizes us from within, the essential volatile oils naturally present in Cinnamon helps to support optimal quality by nourishing the skin cells and supporting to give you a more younger skin appearance while also managing the digestion at optimacy for its extremely hot potency and supports to balance the Kapha and Vata entities of the body.

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil:

Even though Rusmari as called in Sanskrit is not a quotidian ingredient in authentic ayurvedic formulations, it has been used widely in later natural skincare products. Moreover, when it is administered with these potent herbs it has shown overblown results for the capacity to support prevent further breakouts for its astringent flavor with Katu metabolic end effect resulting in natural glowing skin. It helps to normalize the immune responses while supporting offer protection from environmental factors.

Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

The vibrant yet soothing smell of this herb is admirable by all, it is known for its cleansing and healing properties in Ayurveda. Tailapatra has been a part of traditional formulations for generations for its strong potency and Vata alleviating goodness (one among the three humors of the body) while keeping the other entities in check.

How to use

Full strength, for use in Aromatherapy, beauty or skincare. Do not use it internally.

Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

The under-mentioned category of individuals are requested to consult your ayurvedic health care practitioner before using Kerala Ayurveda’s Organic Protective Oil.

  •  People with recurrent episodes of skin irritation and hypersensitivity.
  •  Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Individuals currently under treatment for inflammatory skin snags

Keep the product away from kids and restrict the accessibility to kids for it can cause skin eruptions. Avoid contact with sensitive skin mucosal layers of eyes, inner nose, and inner ears. Always consider implementing patch tests for sensitivity before engaging with the meticulous dermal application. After the application of Organic Protective Oil, it is advisable to avoid exposure to chronic sunlight and UV radiation for at least 12 hours. Despite these, if allergic responses do persist, discontinue its use and consult your health care professional at the earliest. 

Ayurveda always helps you to choose your personalized pathway to maintain the optimacy of all the systems of the body especially that of the skin tissues. Tuning your unique needs with the voices of nature is the most vital route to establish the much-needed relationship between the systemic functions and the biogenesis of the body, all of which is inferred with the health status of the most reflective body organ, the skin.

It is salient that choosing nature’s pathway to achieving complacency is very demanding and does not offer results overnight. Yet Ayurveda stands tall to evolve your health and gradually lead you to your needs of radiant skin. Now is the right time to align your inner self with the energy outside and to focus on your wellbeing by using the goodness of nature and this splendid method of aromatherapy with Organic Protective oil to decamp your skin worries and support in the enhancement of your immunity all with Ayurveda.

Kerala Ayurveda Inc

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., a full-spectrum Ayurvedic company with a 75-year operating record spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals and resorts. What began as an apothecary on the banks of the Periyar River has expanded to an extensive practitioner line of highly efficient and safe remedies. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened its doors in 2006 and today offers traditional Ayurvedic education, wellness services and products to a global network of practitioners and health seekers.

We take pride in what we do. A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally!

Ayurveda and Skin Care

Ayurveda and Skin Care

Ayurveda, the ancient science of life maintains the body and its functioning under the biogenesis of three bodily humors, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. All these have equal culpability for sustaining the equitation of the body on all the aspects of the physical and the mental spheres resulting in natural glowing skin.

Pitta Dosha in Skin lustre

Pitta has a strong presence with regard to the digestive functions of the body, the optimal level of digestive fire is essential for flawless function of all other systemic functions of the body, including the skin texture and effectiveness of the immune responses at systemic levels.

Among the three body humors, Pitta is responsible for enhancing that glimmer of your skin. Pitta dosha at its normality invokes the inner radiance which is asserted with the organic clove essential oil in this formulation. It helps to lock the moisture of the skin and thus supports the antioxidant defenses of the body. 

Vata Dosha in Skin moisture

Vata at its aggravated stage makes the skin dry and parched, hence it is necessary to maintain its normalcy to support the plumpness of the skin. Application of essential oil and other herbal skin care products support the optimacy of the same. When this customary standard is achieved, it enhances the warmth of the skin by amplifying the circulation at surface levels. Better established circulation supports the normal optimal natural defense mechanism and thus the extent of the range of triggers to environmental factors.

The availability of cinnamon oil in this Organic Protective Oil blend supports this property for its extreme hot potency with the ability to cleanse the channels of the body and rake the contents which tend to aggravate and block the normal circulatory mechanisms. Along with cinnamon Orange, essential oil in this formulation helps to cure the aggravated actions of Vata such as sensations of pain and uncontrolled movements of the sense faculties due to the unctuousness of the entire blend.

Kapha Dosha in skin regeneration

The third among the biogenesis Kapha is the binder of the body tissue elements. In its normalcy the Kapha dosha supports the complete retention of the constituents which pave the way to health and always undertake the process of regeneration at its peak. Kapha at the same time is the prime constituent of the Ojas factor or the quantum of immunity in Ayurveda. The ancient practice of warm oil massage of Abhyanga is an important method to establish the optimacy of Kapha in the skin and the body tissues with the use of medicated warm oil or blends of essential oils.

The presence of Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil in this formulation helps to attain the normalcy of Kapha dosha. The minuteness and penetrating property of this organic essential oil penetrates deep into the layers of skin cells and enriches all the tissue elements from its root. This potential mitigates the imbalances in the levels of aggravated Kapha. As the Kapha attains its normalcy it supports rich skin regeneration and maintains the smoothness of the skin. Since the quality of the biogenic entity is not compromised, so it is with the natural immunity.

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Organic Protective Oil is an uplifting aromatherapy essential oil that calms and revives the senses, stimulating a positive immune system response. Protect your inner wellness from environmental stressors, and balance the nervous system as you breathe in the sweet energizing notes of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.


Organic Protective Oil is an uplifting aromatherapy essential oil that calms and revives the senses, stimulating a positive immune system response. Protect your inner wellness from environmental stressors, and balance the nervous system as you breathe in the sweet energizing notes of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.


Rub 2-3 drops into the skin as needed
Add 5 drops to your diffuser for the full aromatherapy effect


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main active ingredients in Organic Protective Oil?

This powerful ayurveda oil is formulated with these organic essential oils : Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus for whole-body balance.

Is Organic Protective Oil a skin care oil?

You can use it on your skin. It’s a blend of essential oils, targeting harmful invaders including microorganisms and UV rays associated with skin damage, making it a beneficial skin care oil.

What are the benefits of using Organic Protective Oil?

The combination of cinnamon, sweet orange, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary provide key essential oils for immunity, blood circulation, heightened senses, and a healthy nervous system.

Is Organic Protective Oil an aromatherapy oil?

Organic Protective Oil contains essential oils for aromatherapy, energizing the body by rejuvenating the olfactory system.

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