Organic Hand Sanitizer

Organic Hand Sanitizer

Gentle, Herbal Sanitizing Spray


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  •  Fights Disease Causing Bacteria
  •  Awaken The Senses With Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils
  •  Quick, Drying Spray Formula
  • Free From Artificial, Sythethetic Ingredients & Dyes

219 in stock

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Organic Hand Sanitizer

What is that one thing without which your baggage has become incomplete and has now become more important than perhaps your wallet, Well!! It’s nothing but a hand sanitizer.

With the pandemic that caused much damage to us, our lives have revolved around better hygiene practises that are cost effective and portable, the hand sanitizer has become much acclaimed with the title for the “new normal” in our lives. Be it to go out on a date or to the office, the hand sanitizer is not left unseen.

Your hands touch a lot of surfaces both intentionally and unintentionally and can lead to the spread of disease causing pathogens without your full knowledge. Potent, easy to carry hand sanitizers hence become the first line to prevent disease causing pathogens. This is where Kerala Ayurveda has developed the most essential hand sanitizer with goodness of nature.

Kerala Ayurveda’s Organic Hand Sanitizer

Kerala Ayurveda has come up with an innovative and effective Hand Sanitizer Spray by incorporating the virtue of aromatherapy and potent sterilization while strictly keeping steer from strident chemicals that upset your skin, all by invoking the right organic sources from nature.

It is totally free of all chemicals including SLS and similar sulphates, strong detergents, parabens, artificial scents, synthetic fragrance and preservatives. The product is also non GMO with gluten-free composition. It is entirely cruelty free and a vegan product. While the faint and pleasant aroma of essential oils will leave your skin feeling relaxed, it also protects the skin.


The product is formulated with the under mentioned organic resources sourced right from nature’s basket to remove your concerns all at one go.

  • Organic Ethyl Alcohol: Natural organic ethyl alcohol is achieved through fermentation of a wide variety of organic sources like rice, grape, cane, etc., and are all the sources of organic ethanol. The  alcohol generated from organic sources has all the ability to support antimicrobial therapy just like ordinary alcohol, but it comes with a vegan background and much more happiness to the skin.
  • Organic vegetable glycerine: Glycerol or glycine is technically a clear liquid made from coconut oil or soy oil with a syrupy consistency that has binding properties. Organic glycerine helps to lock moisture on the skin surface and provides an added moisturiser base to this sanitizer. It is also acclaimed for its ability to support skin health while keeping away the microbes from your dermal surface.
  • Organic peppermint essential oil: Essential oil extracted from the leaves of common mint of Lamiaceae family is a wonderful flavoring agent with a splendid aroma. It is well known ayurvedically for its ability to relieve topical itching and soothes the skin after irritations. The wonderful aroma also calms the nerves down and helps to stimulate balance among the bodily entities.
  • Purified water: Distilled natural water is used as the buffer in this combination and also to dilute the effects of alcohol on the skin.

How to use

Spray a small amount on your hands and thoroughly rub them in until it becomes dry. Shake the contents well before application. You may apply Kerala Ayurveda’s Hand rub and body lotion after the same.


People with skin lesions in the palms, people with a history of hypersensitivity are requested to consult your Ayurvedic health care practitioner before continuing the use of Kerala Ayurveda’s Organic hand sanitizer. Keep the product away from children. Do not allow contact with mucosal membrane or eyes, nose, etc. If the contents have come in contact with eyes, immediately wash with cold water and get medical help as soon as possible.

Kerala Ayurveda Inc

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., a full-spectrum Ayurvedic company with a 75-year operating record spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals and resorts. What began as an apothecary on the banks of the Periyar River has expanded to an extensive practitioner line of highly efficient and safe remedies. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened its doors in 2006 and today offers traditional Ayurvedic education, wellness services and products to a global network of practitioners and health seekers.

We take pride in what we do. A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally!

Ayurveda and Disinfection

Ayurveda and Disinfection

As microbes have been existent since time unknown to man, so have there been methods to eliminate them as well. The concept of Nir Jantukaran or disinfection is especially mentioned by Achraya Agnivesha in the most famous Ayurvedic epic, the Caraka Samhitha, while discussing the conditions and notions for the spread of communicable diseases.

With the maintenance of epistasis at tissue level, the surroundings must also be kept pathogen free. Fumigation is the method adopted for the same, herbs that have an innate ability to fight pathogens like Vidanga or Embelia ribes and many others and ground to fine powder and burned with charcoal to fumigate the home and all the surfaces.

As we begin the new journey of health and hygiene, safety has gained the prime importance for us and our loved ones. While truly Ayurvedic methods to achieve disinfection are time-consuming but worth all the pain, might still not be manageable by all individuals. Meanwhile, it is vital to keep yourself and your close ones away from disease causing pathogens.

Keep your hands germ free by using our synthetic chemical free hand Sanitizer spray. Give your hands the extra care while protecting them from the pathogens, by using the goodness of Ayurveda.

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TSA travel sized, this sprayable herbal hand sanitizer kills germs and bacteria without needing to wash your hands or touch potentially germ laden faucets and fixtures. Simply spray and go, enjoying the energizing scent of organic peppermint oil in your wake. Protect yourself and those you love with a pure, Organic Hand Sanitizer expertly crafted to harness every possible benefit from the ingredients, enhancing effectiveness and potency.


TSA travel sized, this sprayable herbal hand sanitizer kills germs and bacteria without needing to wash your hands or touch potentially germ laden faucets and fixtures. Simply spray and go, enjoying the energizing scent of organic peppermint oil in your wake. Protect yourself and those you love with a pure, Organic Hand Sanitizer expertly crafted to harness every possible benefit from the ingredients, enhancing effectiveness and potency.


Shake well before use

Spray a small amount of hand sanitizer on hands and rub them thoroughly until the solution dries.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this the best natural hand sanitizer?

We believe our hand sanitizer is the best natural hand sanitizers. It’s travel-sized and sprayable! It’s crafted with quality ingredients, cold-pressed to lock in potency. What’s not to love.

2. Is this an all natural hand sanitizer?

Yes! Our hand sanitizer doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, sulfates, common irritants, detergents, artificial dyes or fragrances. It’s crafted with quality essential oils and fermented, cold-pressed rice and grapes as the base.

3. Is this the best hand sanitizer for aromatherapy?

Made with Organic Peppermint Oil, this hand sanitizer awakens the senses, offering the uplifting and energizing aromatherapeutic benefits commonly associated with peppermint oil.

4. Is this product safe for everyone?

We recommend consulting your healthcare provider before using this sanitizer if you have skin lesions on the hands or palms.

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