Myaxyl Range

A machine works effectively only when each individual part moves seamlessly. Any blockage in the folds of the machine could cause increased wear and lower productivity. Similarly, our body is also made up of several joints that need to move smoothly for healthy living. When problems arise in these joints, it affects your quality of life.

A joint is a point in our body where two or more bones meet, and in many cases, it causes movement. For example, knee joint, hip joint, wrist, ankle joint, elbow joint, or shoulder joint. Some joints in our body are immovable, for example, the bones of the skull. We need to keep our bones healthy to function well. 

If you are seeking an effective measure to ensure the wellbeing of your joints, it is time that you try Ayurvedic joint health supplements that help maintain them in a natural, holistic manner.

For smooth and effective movement of joints, Ayurvedic supplements like Myaxyl take a high-quality stand. Our musculoskeletal system is more likely to undergo discomfort like back pain, muscle pull, other injuries, etc. Ayurvedic herbal supplements like Myaxyl oil, cream, and balm are composed of medicinal herbs that help in maintaining healthy joint and bone health. Myaxyl oil, Myaxyl cream, and Myaxyl balm are topical products (external application), so we advise a small patch test before applying it. 

You can find Myaxyl products online that are designed to penetrate deeply into your tissues shortly after use to keep your muscles and joints flexible. Click below to learn more about the specific benefits of different Myaxyl products by Kerala Ayurveda.

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About Myaxyl

Myaxyl range of products are made with nature’s healing herbs that support your natural joint movements.

Myaxyl comes in various forms. Myaxyl oil is made from time-tested herbs like Eucalyptus, Alpinia, Ajwain, and Cedrus that have been known to support joint flexibility. Myaxyl range of products is also available in the form of Myaxyl cream and balm, each product having a different and unique set of ingredients. The Myaxyl range helps optimize joint and muscle health and supports the natural strength of the joints and muscles.

Myaxyl products from the Kerala Ayurveda store are for external use only. With a potent blend of joint health promoting herbs, they penetrate deep and soothe the tissues . Myaxyl maintains the flexibility of joints and muscles.

How To Apply

Myaxyl oil, cream and balm should be applied topically on the affected area and massaged for a few minutes for it to be absorbed. It is advisable to conduct a small patch test prior to application to avoid any cases of reactions. It is best advised to consult your Ayurvedic practitioner to understand which product would be the best suited to your needs and how and at what frequency you should be using them.

Uses/Benefits of Myaxyl

  • Helps maintain healthy muscles and joints 
  • Aids in normal flexibility 
  • Helps sustain normal blood circulation levels

Myaxyl Products from Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda provides a wide range of Ayurvedic Myaxyl products. Some of the Myaxyl products and their benefits are: 

-Myaxyl balm

The natural Ayurvedic ingredients used to prepare Myaxyl balm make it a top choice for helping not only your joint health but also your respiratory system. This herbal balm:

  • Soothes and comforts joints and muscles
  • Helps maintain your overall normal respiratory health

-Myaxyl cream

The cream has potent time-tested natural ingredients like camphor, asparagus, cedar, and moringa for topical application to help with your joints’ normal flexibility. Regular use of Myaxyl cream will:

  • Help maintain natural joint health
  • Support your normal muscle health
  • Penetrate and soothe joints

-Myaxyl oil

Myaxyl oil easily penetrates into the muscle tissues and helps in maintaining the natural nourishment in the muscles and the bones. Kerala Ayurveda uses sesame oil as a base for the Myaxyl oil along with other ingredients like Nandivriksha (Tabernaemontana divaricata),  Himalayan Cedar, Rasna or Thai ginger and Nilgiri that are traditionally used in Ayurvedic pain relief oil. Like other Myaxyl products, this oil is for external application to the affected area to help sustain healthy joint health. Myaxyl oil uses include:

  • Help sustain flexible joint and muscle movement
  • Supports normal health of joints
  • Warming and soothing joint oil

Get Authentic Myaxyl

Ayurvedic oils help maintain the optimal levels of the three primary functional energies, Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas. Kerala Ayurveda ensures each Myaxyl product undergo thorough safety testing during preparation, through modern lab tests and finally engulfing the products in modern packages. Kerala Ayurveda is focused on manufacturing quality products that are effective as well as trustworthy. The ingredients are herbal and produced in an efficient manner that aims to preserve the potency of each natural ingredient, bringing the holistic healing properties of Ayurveda right to your doorstep. Visit Kerala Ayurveda’s online store today to check out our range Myaxyl products to help your joints and muscles.


  • Myaxyl products are available in the form of oils, balm, and cream to be used externally.
  • The formula for the Myaxyl range of products is unique to Kerala Ayurveda
  • Myaxyl products help provide long-lasting support for joint nourishment and flexibility.


1. Does Myaxyl range have any side effects?

Myaxyl range is derived from nature’s reserves of healing herbs and botanicals combined as recommended by Vedic text. Since Ayurveda promotes a holistic approach to wellness using natural means, the Myaxyl range is no different.

Kerala Ayurveda has modernized the process by combining the ingredients in a modern lab using preparation methods detailed in the ancient text and then performing stringent quality tests to help ensure it works and is safe. Ensure you follow the instructions on the label.

2.  Are Myaxyl products safe for individuals of all ages?

As you can tell from the FAQ above, people of almost all ages can use Myaxyl products under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Getting the correct dosage when using the natural remedy depends on your age, gender, and medical history.

Younger people can use it at any age as long as their healthcare provider recommends it.

3. What makes Myaxyl a better choice for joint care?

Myaxyl products are a good choice for joint care since they help maintain the optimal Vata Dosha, which, in turn, helps aid the normal functioning of your joints. It’s recommended that you consult an Ayurvedic doctor to understand which Myaxyl product would be best suited to you. 

4. Can children use Myaxyl products?

Yes, Myaxyl products can be used by children, adults, and older adults as well if recommended by your Ayurvedic physician.

5. Can Myaxyl products be applied daily?

Sure, you can apply Myaxyl range daily. If anything, the recommendation is to use it 3-4 times daily over 2-3 months at least, not forgetting to apply the products before your bath and before going to bed. Keep in mind that the application of this herb-infused oil could stain your clothes. The idea is to get your muscles warmed up for daily activities.

Just be sure to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions or follow the instructions on the label.