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Myaxyl Oil

Joint pain is a common problem experienced by millions worldwide. Men and women over the age of 50 have a high likelihood of suffering from joint pain, stiffness, inflammation, and related symptoms. The fact that one out of every four Americans experiences this problem only reinforces the importance of joint care.

Muscle and joint pain can be severely debilitating. Those who have suffered from this pain would know how troublesome it can be. A simple movement like getting up from a chair can be unbelievably painful. Not treating it in the right way can worsen things for you as you age.

Joint pain, stiffness, muscle pain, and inflammation are ailments that many people experience. A sedentary lifestyle with a lack of exercise, where people spend the whole day sitting at the office and then repeat the same on the sofa in the evenings at home. This can negatively impact the muscles and joints causing stiffness and pain. 

Ayurveda can help you experience relief from joint and muscle pain in a natural way by focusing on holistic wellness.

myaxyl oil

Myaxyl Oil for joint pain

Myaxyl Oil has the ability to penetrate easily into the muscles and is thus helpful in providing the required nourishment and relief. The use of this oil can help in reducing inflammation and provide relief from all the associated symptoms like pain and stiffness. Myaxyl works on the joints and helps improve their flexibility and is thus helpful for those suffering from arthritis.

Myaxyl oil is one of Kerala Ayurveda’s proprietary blends. We are an Ayurvedic company that has been in the wellness sector since 1945 with the goal to make this ancient wisdom accessible to all. Our wellness products are prepared using the ancient Ayurvedic texts and packaged in a form that is convenient to use for the modern consumer. Each product is extensively tested at our Research & Development facility from ingredients that are safe, natural, and effective.


The ingredients used to prepare Myaxyl oil are time tested for use in providing relief from pain and inflammation. Nandivriksha is Tabernaemontana divaricata, known as pinwheel flower is anti-inflammatory in nature. It has analgesic properties and is helpful in pain relief.

Devadaru or Deodar is Cedrus deodara, also known as Himalayan Cedar. It is one of the Ayurvedic remedies that can help balance Vata dosha. It is useful in managing neurological conditions and helps reduce swelling. Rasna or Alpinia galangal, is known as Thai ginger. It reduces inflammation and is useful to address joint pain.

Tailaparna is Eucalyptus globulus, also known as Nilgiri. It is useful in managing joint stiffness and inflammation. Eucalyptus oil is one of the essential oils helpful in treating aches and pains.

Ayurveda for pain relief

Myaxyl Oil is one of the Ayurvedic wellness products that can be used for self-massage. When you massage the affected parts daily using this oil, it works at the tissue level helping to heal inflammation and pain. The Ayurvedic ingredients used to prepare this oil are effective in helping you experience relief from pain.

The daily pain and agony that you would have experienced will soon be a thing of the past once you embrace the Ayurvedic way of life. The lifestyle changes Ayurveda suggests can help strengthen your joints and muscles and improve overall wellness.

Ayurveda and Joint pain

Ayurveda and Joint pain

Joint problems in Ayurveda are believed to occur due to imbalance in the Vata Dosha – one of the three basic humors in the body.

Imbalance in Vata Dosha affects bone tissue. This leads to a gradual degeneration of the tissue. It also dries up an element known as Shleshaka Kapha leading to reduced lubrication in joints. This causes pain and a lack of flexibility in the joints.

Ayurveda explains that joint problems are closely related to digestive problems. Agni or the digestive fire within the human body should be strong to ensure proper digestion. When this is weakened, it leads to the formation of a toxin known as Ama. The Ama then enters the tissues in the joints, which leads to joint problems. Improper nutrition is another factor that affects the Shleshaka Kapha causing joint weakness, which may even spread to the bones.

Joint pain and stiffness reduce flexibility and can cause debilitating pain. It causes inflammation and can affect daily lifestyle and routines. Treating this problem requires a holistic approach. The key aim of the treatment is to pacify the Vata Dosha, which is responsible for the pain. Some of the aspects of the treatment to provide long-lasting relief from joint stiffness and pain are:

  • It is important to pacify vitiation in Vata. This can be done by following a healthy lifestyle and the simple principle of early to bed and early to rise.
  • Physical activity is essential to promote circulation and prevent stiffness. Yoga can be helpful in this. There are Asanas or postures that when done properly can strengthen the joints and muscles providing long-term relief from pain.
  • Regular practice of Pranayama and meditation can help in reducing stress and calming down the mind. This can play a key role in ensuring the proper working of the immune system, thereby preventing Vata disorders.
  • Abhyanga or massage using various oils can be very helpful in reducing joint pain and stiffness.
  • A healthy diet can ensure the digestive Agni is healthy, thereby preventing the formation of toxins. Sweet, salty, and sour tastes in the diet can help pacify Vata Dosha. Fresh vegetables and fruits, the use of spices, and greens are recommended to be included in the diet.
  • Detoxification or cleansing through procedures like Panchakarma can be very helpful in removing toxins.
  • Herbal supplements that reduce Vata disorders and the use of oils like Myaxyl Oil from Kerala Ayurveda can help in reducing stiffness and pain.


Q1. What is Myaxyl Oil?

A1. Myaxyl Oil is a proprietary Ayurvedic oil developed by Kerala Ayurveda which contains a variety of Ayurvedic herbs that support normal joint mobility. The herbs are made into a formulation using sesame oil and herbs like Himalayan Cedar, Galanga, Eucalyptus, Pinwheel flower, that are traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. Myaxyl Oil acts as a soothing topical application for relaxing occasional discomforts of joints and muscles. It nourishes and lubricates the joints to maintain painless mobility.

Q2. How to use Myaxyl oil?

A2. The oil is to be used on the affected parts. 5 to 10 ml of the oil should be used to apply on the affected part. With powerful Vata alleviating properties, this herbal massage oil penetrates deep into the tissues and relaxes muscles in case of occasional discomforts. Always consult with an Ayurvedic expert before use and test on a small area of skin before use.

Q3. How does Myaxyl oil act?

A3. Myaxyl Oil is an effective Ayurvedic herbal oil that can be used to balance Vata Dosha. Vata Dosha (one of the three primary functional energies) deals with movement of joints and any imbalance can cause pain and stiffness. Myaxyl Oil has Rasna (Alpinia) as one of its ingredients that is the best Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain relief as it helps in balancing vitiation in Vata Dosha. Regular usage of this oil promotes blood circulation in the affected areas. 

Q4. Are there any other quantities available apart from the 60ml variant?

A4. Myaxyl Oil is available in two different quantities – 60 ml and 200 ml.

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