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Menocare is a unique proprietary formulation designed to help maintain healthy menstruation and normal transition in women at menopausal age. Shatavari and Ashoka are the main herbs of this formulation mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic text for a balanced women’s health. Menocare also helps maintain normal uterine health. *


  • Helps maintain healthy menstruation.*
  • Helps maintain optimal uterine health and hormonal balance.*
  • Balances Vata & Pitta doshas.*
  • Supports normal transition in women at menopausal age.*

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Have you ever wished to time travel away from ‘that’ 28 th day of your cycle?

Are normal periods without heavy painkillers still a far cry  for you? 

Do you consider starting your cycle with that deep aching pain which goes all over legs, hips and low back as normal?

If Yes! It’s high time to know that bad periods are NOT just a part of life!!

Certainly , for women there is no escape from that “time of the month” when you feel yourselves being more sentimental, bad- tempered or sluggish. Menstruation lasts almost 3-7  days after every 21-35 days that brings with it a set of fragilities. Hence there is an inescapable need to support women during this period- A staunch support  that should last about 37 years and is needed approximately 500 times – the total number of menstrual cycles a woman will normally have.

This support is quintessential because every woman deserves to live the happiest and healthiest life possible forever from puberty till menopause and beyond!!

This is where Kerala Ayurveda’s Menocare herbal tablets come to help!

Kerala Ayurveda’s Menocare

Menocare supports normal menstrual health and optimal hormonal balance. It is a uterine tonic and rejuvenator. 

According to Ayurveda menstrual blood or Rajah is considered as the spinoff of all dhatus and thus proper evaluation of the menstrual physiology helps to assess the all-round well-being of our body. Ayurveda considers menstruation as a window into the human body because it gives a monthly account of the doshic status in your body. 


Let’s check out the components of this unique blend of the best herbs for women’s health.

Asoka (Saraca indica): Asoka is the queen of herbs for women’s health . Asoka in Sanskrit means “without sorrow” authenticating its multitude of benefits. It supports the optimal functioning of Pitta dosha and hence is used in numerous Ayurvedic formulations for  menstrual health as it has the ability to promote healthy endometrial tissue.

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa): Commonly called Lodh tree. Traditionally its decoction was used to curb uterine bleeding and postpartum vaginal infections.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus): Shatavari in Sanskrit translates to “the one having a hundred spouses” which attests the vitality boosting properties of this ancient rejuvenative herb. It helps to balance Vata and Pitta dosha , promotes healthy lactation, supports normal female reproductive health and ensures normal transition to menopause. It is Sattvic and is also considered an adaptogen that gives a grounding effect during times of stress.

Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): Punarnava in Sanskrit translates to “renew”. The most common Hogweed is well known for its traditional use in heavy bleeding cycles and is a Rasayana or rejuvenative herb It soothes the female reproductive system and supports optimal menstrual cycle.

Draksha (Vitis vinifera): The common grape is very effective in supporting normal menstrual and uterine health. It’s one of the best herbs with coolant properties and thereby pacifies Pitta dosha and complements optimal hormonal balance. 

Chitraka (Plumbago rosea):  It optimizes the level of Kapha and Vata dosha and was traditionally used in amenorrhoea. It also fuels up your metabolism.

Pippali (Piper longum): Ayurvedics texts love Pippali for it’s Vata and Kapha pacifying nature. It acts as a cleanser by its penetrating and carminative properties.

How to use Menocare

Adults can consume 1 tablet twice daily or as mentioned by your health care practitioner.

Your Health is Our Primary Concern

Pregnant, Nursing mothers and Women with medications for other diseases are advised to consult a health care provider before consuming Menocare herbal tablets.

Kerala Ayurveda Inc

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., a full-spectrum Ayurvedic company with a 75-year operating record spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals and resorts. What began as an apothecary on the banks of the Periyar River has expanded to an extensive practitioner line of highly efficient and safe remedies. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened its doors in 2006 and today offers traditional Ayurvedic education, wellness services and products to a global network of practitioners and health seekers.

We take pride in what we do. A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally!

Ayurveda and Rajah Pravarthanam

Ayurveda and Rajah Pravarthanam

Menstrual bleeding is understood as Rajah Pravarthanam in Ayurveda and considered as the byproduct of Rasa Dhatu- that provides nourishment to the whole body and carries hormones. Rasa Dhatu forms blood tissue or Rakta and in this transformation a part of rasa turns into menstrual blood .

Role of Vata in Menstrual cycle

The bleeding or menstruation phase of the cycle is controlled by Apana vata in the body and has a span of 2-7 days, varies from woman to woman. When Vata dosha is aggravated it results in abdominal discomfort associated with pricking pain, anxiety, varied or prolonged menstrual pattern and even amenorrhea.

The presence of Chitraka, Pippali and Draksha in this formulation supports to alleviate Vata dosha and thereby supports in painful menstruation and helps to maintain an optimal uterine health.

Role of Pitta in Menstrual cycle

Pitta dosha has close association with blood.. Aggravated Pitta dosha that accumulates during the ovulatory phase of menstruation has a cumulative effect on the bleeding scheme and can result in burning sensation during menstruation and mood fluctuations like anger and irritability. Pitta dosha has an immense role in moulding a female to menarche and further through menopausal variations.

The occupancy of Asoka bark, Shatavari and Punarnava and other healing herbs for women’s health in Menocare herbal tablets helps to optimise the levels of Pitta in the body and supports to relieve Menopausal anxiety along with offering support to normal uterine health.

Role of Kapha in Menstruation

Kapha dosha has unseen effects in regulation of proper menstrual mechanisms. It assists in optimal uterine proliferation and maintains the overall hormonal balance of the body. In conditions of aggravated Kapha dosha the menstrual blood may be associated with heavy clots and bloating.

The use of Lodhra, Pippali and Chitraka in this formulation helps to balance the levels of Kapha and supports healthy menstruation. Female body and the natural mechanisms in it, are absolutely unique and alluring. If we align it to it’s natural cycle through wholesome diet, lifestyle and healthy supplements we will be able to alleviate the wayward anomalies.

Ayurveda does not only provide alternative solutions but also works from root level.

By now, It would have been pellucid that Kerala Ayurveda’s Menocare herbal tablets are the best to support all your concerns relating to healthy and normal menstruation. Pick yours before it is  too late..!!

Bleed safe Bleed happily!!

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