Joint, Bone and Muscle Health

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Joint, Bone, and Muscle Health: An Overview

Your joints, bones, and muscles are the key to leading a happy and content life as they govern all our body movements. It is normal to feel occasional discomfort in joints, owing to our irregular lifestyle. Even if we are enjoying vibrant bone health and joint mobility now, it is crucial that we should put effort into maintaining them so that they continue to remain healthy. Ayurveda has effective resources that help in maintaining the optimal health of your bones, joints and muscles.

About the Joint, Bone, and Muscle Health

For holistic health, the three Doshas need to be at their optimum levels for your body’s composition and properties. In Ayurveda, it is believed that joints, bones, and muscles have an affinity for Vata, which means they are prone to Vata imbalances. Ayurvedic supplements for joint and muscle pain act by helping maintain the optimal level of Vata Dosha, to help with normal mobility

You can support the normal health of your joints and bones by helping your body with the right nutrition and supporting it with Ayurvedic supplements of joints and muscles

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of Vata can lead to your joint, bone, and muscle health getting compromised. But, fortunately, Ayurveda has several measures that can help to balance your Vata at its optimal levels Further, Ayurvedic supplements along with a change in diet and lifestyle can also help support your Agni, so the right nutrition is delivered to all areas of your body. 

Uses/Benefits of Ayurvedic Joint Supplements

– Help support normal joint health 

– Help ease your muscles naturally

– Aid the normal flexibility of your joints, bones, and muscles

– Support natural joint mobility

Popular Formulations of the Ayurvedic Supplements

  1. Bala Thailam

Bala (Sida cordifolia) is a herb with rejuvenating properties that are used in various Ayurvedic medicines for joint pain, because of its ability to help maintain optimal levels of Vata and help maintain normal joints and bones health.

Bala Thailam is predominantly used to address vitiated Vata dosha. The rejuvenate properties of this thailam help sustain the natural strength and toning of the muscles. Its key benefits are:

  • Traditionally well known for natural muscle toning and strengthening properties
  • Help maintain the Vata levels
  • Helps sustain natural vigor and vitality


  1. Neck Support Capsules

Neck Support capsules are derived from ancient Ayurvedic recipes and potentiated through the traditional Avarthanam process – the technique of potentiating the formulation by repeating the process of extraction to increase the therapeutic properties of the formulation. The advantages of using the supplement include:

  • Helps maintain normal mobility of shoulder and neck 
  • Supports normal bone functions
  1. Gandha Thailam Supplements

Prepared with natural herbs as per the recipe in the ancient Ayurvedic text Bhaishajyaratnavali, Gandha Thailam supplements are helpful in supporting the normal health of your tissues. You can also use Gandha Thailam as one of the supplements to support balanced bone health and help optimize the integrity of the bone tissue (Asthi dhathu).

  1. GT Supplements

GT capsules are derived from the Guggulu Thiktakam Ghritham Ayurvedic ghee, traditionally used to help sustain normal bone and joint health. Its formula will help:

  • Helps conserve natural bone, skin, and bone health
  • Help sustain natural nourishment of the joint tissues
  • Helps maintain the normal immune system
  1.  Jambeera Thailam

Few products work as effectively as Jambeera Thailam, a herbal oil prepared using a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including Lemon and turmeric, with coconut milk in a base of warming sesame oil. This unique combination helps nourish and support muscle & joint health.

  1. Kaisoravatakam Tablets

Kaisoravatakam is another Vedic formulation from the ancient text Bhaishajyaratnavali that helps maintain the optimal levels of Pitta and Vata doshas. It is one of the more comprehensive formulations for supporting normal circulation, helping with healthy skin, helping maintain normal fluid circulation, and aiding the proper functioning of joints. 

  1. Karpooradi Thailam

Karpooradi Thailam is an ancient herbal oil that has been used to maintain the healthy tone of muscles and promote relaxation. It has a pleasant smell owing to the presence of camphor (Cinnamomum camphora), which is commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic supplements for aching joints and muscles, due to its innate anti-inflammatory properties.  

  1. KM Lepam

KM Lepam is a modified dosage form of the well-known traditional recipe, Karuthamarmani Gulika, prepared in a cream base for external application. KM Lepam provides a natural cooling effect that helps maintain joint health while supporting natural flexibility. 

  1. Kottamchukkadi Thailam  

As one of the top products for joint health, Kottamchukkadi thailam, helps support normal bone health and range of motions. It is described in the Vedic text Sahasrayogam that this sesame oil-based formulation helps to maintain the optimal levels of the Vata and Kapha Doshas.

  1. Ksheerabala

Although it comes in various forms such as supplements and Thailam, Ksheerabala’s primary task is to support muscle and joint function. It helps in maintaining normal blood circulation and provides natural body nourishment to the body.

  1. Lakshadi Thailam

Lakshadi thailam is an ancient herbal oil traditionally used as a daily body massage oil for children to facilitate normal growth & development. It is known for helping the normal mobility of joints and supports bone health. Lakshadi Thailam comes in various sizes.

  1. Mahamasha Thailam

Mahamasha Thailam is a herbal oil mentioned in the ancient text Sahasrayogam that helps maintain the natural nourishment of the Vata dosha. Moreover, it supports your joints while helping with normal body movement.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Supplements for Joints, Bones and Muscles

Ayurvedic products work by delivering a wholesome way of wellness; thus, they work on various methods of helping ensure your body is working in harmony. Because of that, Ayurvedic remedies support your body’s natural state of wellness. Intake of Ayurvedic supplements, as per your doctor’s recommendation, can help sustain your body’s normal functioning.


  • You can experience joint, bone, and muscle health deterioration while you are still young.
  • Ayurvedic remedies can help support normal joint, muscle, and bone health. 
  • You can use Ayurvedic supplements to support the normal functioning of your joints and muscles. 
  • Ayurvedic supplements for joints and muscles are in the convenient Kerala Ayurveda online store