Immunity Support

Immune System Support: Supplements You Should Know About

When the season changes, you may have felt a little sluggishness and battle the usual seasonal ailments. You might think it is a natural occurrence, but it’s not, and there is a way to help fight it by using supplements for immune system support.

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About the Immune System

Season change leads to imbalances in the Agni (metabolism) which leads to affecting the Ojas negatively. Ojas is the subtle essence of all body tissues at the end of proper digestion. When the digestive system is not working properly, it leads to a piling up of toxic metabolic waste (Ama). Ama can cause a host of problems in the body as it weakens the immune system. 

Ayurveda helps bring a holistic approach to help maintain a healthy immune system by sustaining natural nourishment. Ayurvedic immunity booster herbs act by promoting optimal digestion and healthy functioning of Ojas thus supporting normal immune response.

Uses/Benefits of Ayurvedic Remedies

There is a wide array of Ayurvedic supplements to help boost the immune system and some of their benefits include:

  • Maintaining the natural strength of your immune system
  • Supporting natural absorption of nutrients 
  • Helping in the natural cleansing of Ama which helps improve normal bioavailability of nutrients in the body.

Popular Formulations of the Ayurvedic Supplements

  1. Amrutharishtam

The name Amrutha (Tinospora cordifolia) is derived from the concept of heavenly ambrosia. It is also commonly referred to as Guduchi or Gulwel. Being an adaptogenic herb, Amrutha promotes the normal expression of the immune system by helping improve the reaction to external stressors. This function is served while also giving optimal digestive support and hence supporting the body’s natural cleansing process.

Amrutharishtam is a recipe mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts Sahasrayogam and Bhiashajyaratnavali, prepared by fermenting the decoction of Amrutha along with many other potent herbs and spices. Its benefits include:

  • Helps maintain the Tridoshas
  • Supports the natural cleansing of Ama.
  • Promotes normal digestive functions
  1. Ashwagandha Supplements

Ashwagandha is a natural adaptogen and is used in many Ayurvedic immune booster supplements. The literal Sanskrit meaning of Ashwagandha is that which has “smell of horse” indicating the strength imparting properties of the herb which will bestow one with the strength of a stallion. As a rejuvenator (Rasayana), the Ashwagandha capsule is a powerful formulation that will help you to support optimum immune response by:

  • Supporting healthy reaction to stress
  • Aiding in normal relaxation and calmness
  • Helping maintain natural vitality 
  • Supporting normal sleep cycles
  1. Dhanwantharam Sevyam

Dhanwantharam Sevyam derives from the Vedic text Ashtanga Hrudyam and has primarily been used for helping maintain a healthy gut lining. This Vedic formulation has been traditionally used as an immune booster supplement.  It can help in:

  • Supporting healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Helping maintain optimal levels of Vata Dosha 
  1. Guduchi 

Guduchi is the other name of Amrutha, the divine herb. Guduchi is a natural adaptogen that supports the normal expression of the immune system by helping improve the reaction to external stressors. This function is served while supporting the body’s natural cleansing process.

Kerala Ayurveda presents the most comprehensive rejuvenation supplement, Guduchi in its capsule form. It has a wide range of vitalizing effects that act on both your body and mind to help you with:

  • A healthy immune system
  • Normal digestion
  • Normal liver function
  • As a rejuvenator, it helps both the young and old maintain normal vitality, vigor, and learning
  1. Gulguluthikthaka Ghritham

Mix nature’s reserves of healing herbs and botanicals such as Amrutha, Neem and ginger and process them into ghee and you have the Gulguluthikthaka Ghritham. This Ayurvedic ghee is known for its ability to help sustain normal levels of your Vata Dosha and Pitta Dosha aids in a normal immune system. Additionally, it:

  • Supports healthy bone and joints 
  • Aids in maintaining a normal nerve system 
  • Sustains the natural glow of your skin
  • Helps maintain the normal colon health
  1. Histantin

If you are looking for a well-rounded normal immune support supplement, you can’t go wrong if you settle for Histantin. It contains ingredients such as Amalaki, Guduchi, turmeric, and Andrographis that help you:

  • Support your normal immune system
  • Maintain your normal respiratory and skin health
  • Bring a healthy balance to the mucous secretions guarding your upper respiratory system
  1. Indukantha Ghritham

Another herbalized ghee product, this time from the Sahasrayogam Ayurvedic text, is Indukantha Ghritham. Indukanta in Sanskrit means to glow like the moon and therefore, it is believed that this ghee helps maintain the natural glow of the skin. It has a calming effect that makes it helpful for supporting normal digestion and:

  • Helps maintain the optimal levels of the Vata Dosha 
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports normal digestion
  • Helps maintain energy levels
  • Helps support your normal vitality

It also comes in a convenient capsule form, so you don’t have to prepare a meal to access the benefits of Indukantha.

  1. Santhwanam Oil

Santhwanam oil is an oil that helps in maintaining normal blood circulation and maintaining a strong vitality (Ojas) by helping sustain the natural strength of your tissues. It supports natural nourishment and moisturization of your skin. It has other benefits which include:

  • Helps sustain the natural strength of your Dhatus 
  • Helps balance your Tridoshas 
  • Helps maintain your mental energies
  • Aids to sustain the natural tone of your skin

Benefits of Ayurvedic Products on Immune System

Ayurvedic products derive their formulas from Vedic text, following a holistic approach to wellness. Some of the benefits help in:

  • Maintaining the natural strength of your immune system
  • Supporting the natural cleansing process of the body
  • Maintaining the normal reaction to stress

Kerala Ayurveda brings the ancient practice of Ayurveda right to your doorstep through their convenient online store where you will find helpful supplements for immune system support.


  • Your immunity is often compromised as the season changes.
  • Seasonal changes lead to the building of toxins and lowering of vigor.
  • Ayurveda products take a holistic approach to wellness.
  • Kerala Ayurveda provides all the immune system products you need.