Herbal Oils

We cannot deny the fact that herbal oils, in some form or another, have been around for millennia—ever since Ayurveda came to be. Today, Ayurvedic herbal oils are growing in popularity across the world, given that people are now recognizing their benefits. If you’re not too sure of what herbal oils are or how they can help, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know about herbal oils.

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Importance of Herbal Oils

Ayurvedic herbal oil preparations, used since the Vedic era, have the ability to impart the qualities of potent herbs deep into tissues by using oil as a base. Ayurvedic herbal oils have been used for body massage, scalp massage, consumption, nasal drops etc. You can find traditional herbal oil online in stores like Kerala Ayurveda which manufactures many such Vedic recipes.

When used regularly, herbal massage oils help sustain your skin’s natural nourishment making it healthy and radiant and also promote healthy joints. Herbal hair oils are an important step in Ayurvedic hair care that help in maintaining your normal hair growth.

About Herbal Oils

To prepare the base of the herbal oil, coconut oil or sesame oil is the preferred choice in Ayurveda due to its anti-inflammatory properties and a range of other benefits. To this, herbs are added and cooked depending on the need as mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Such Ayurvedic oils have the best of both worlds as it helps provide the benefits of the oil plus the workings of the other ingredients that were infused. The result is herbal essential oils that help provide holistic health benefits.

Uses of Herbal Oils

Herbal Oils are used for various treatments due to their healing properties: 

  • Body Massages- Warm herbal oils are used for body massages (Abhyanga) to help maintain normal blood flow and natural hydration of the skin. It is great for sustaining the good health of your muscles and joints and helps in maintaining the optimal levels of the Doshas. 
  • Hair Oil- Herbal oils for hair are infused with a variety of herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Neeli, etc that are helpful in maintaining the moisture and natural hydration of the scalp. The practice of Shirodhara (pouring warm oil on forehead) promotes normal blood flow and helps rejuvenate the hair follicles.   
  • Consumption- There are certain herbal oils that can be consumed orally. These provide immense health benefits when consumed orally in accordance with your Dosha has multifold benefits. 
  • Kavala- Oral care is very important in Ayurveda as it is the first step to ingesting your food. In the process of Kavala (Oil pulling), it is said to help the body through the natural toxin elimination process and help maintain your oral hygiene. 
  • Nasya- Nasya is a type of Panchakarma in which the herbal oil is introduced in the nasal cavity to cleanse the channels of the upper body.
  • Tarpana- Netra Tarpana is the process of pouring the eye in lukewarm herbal oils that help provide nourishment to the eye.

Why Get Products from Kerala Ayurveda?

Kerala Ayurveda’s herbal hair growth products are made from formulations engulfed with nature’s healing herbs. The products are of good quality, lab tested and gentle to your body. The massage oils available in Kerala Ayurveda are prepared from pure ingredients, as mentioned in Vedas that make it effective.  

Some of Kerala Ayurveda’s herbal oils include:

  1. Arimedadi Thailam is a herbal oil that works best in helping to maintain good oral hygiene, especially for oil pulling to help natural cleansing of the gums, teeth and oral cavity.
  2. Chemparuthyadi Keram is one of the best herbal hair oil products that will help maintain your natural hair strength. Additionally, it helps support healthy scalp.
  3. Durvadi Keram is a herbal oil that helps in maintaining natural hair growth and supports normal scalp health.
  4. Eladi Keram-This herbal massage oil nourishes the skin, resulting in naturally glowing and radiant skin.
  5. Karpooradi Thailam- Karpooradi thailam, with the soothing aroma of camphor helps in maintaining normal joint mobility.
  6. Kesini Oil helps sustain normal hair health and nourishes the scalp.
  7. Triphaladi Thailam helps maintain your hair and promotes healthy skin. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic herbs for hair and skin health have been in use for centuries. Indian sages have been implementing the Ayurvedic text’s wisdom by preparing formulations using the best of nature’s healing herbs and botanicals. The products provide a holistic way of helping maintain the balance of the body and mind and help support overall good health.

Ayurvedic massage oil helps maintain your skin’s natural nourishment.

Herbal hair oil for hair growth can help sustain the natural growth of your hair.

– Herbal massage oils are used to promote healthy and flexible joints.

For the most convenient access to Ayurvedic herbal oil products, visit the Kerala Ayurveda herbal oil online store.