Ghee (also known as Ghritham) is clarified butter, an ingredient used in India for thousands of years. Ghee has gained popularity in the west due to the fact it is known as a healthy medium for cooking as compared to oils. In Ayurveda, ghee is considered good not just for cooking food, but also to consume as a health supplement. Ayurvedic ghee or herbal ghee is prepared by infusing pure ghee prepared from cow’s milk with medicinal herbs. This Ayurvedic Ghritham offers multiple health benefits.

About Ghritham

Ghee is good for digestion and nourishes the tissues of the body. The Ayurvedic benefits of ghee are vast, making it a wellness product to boost overall health. Ghee treatment in Ayurveda helps to improve digestive powers. Ayurveda uses the concept of Agni or digestive fire to explain the working of the digestive system. If Agni is weak, then it creates toxins (known as Ama). When Agni is strong, it strengthens Ojas (the substance that boosts immunity).

The health benefits of ghee in Ayurveda are a result of how it strengthens the digestive fire. This helps in improving immunity and enhances vitality. Ghee and Ayurveda have a close link and have been used for many centuries. Ayurvedic medicated ghee is used as a supplement to be consumed daily. Ghee in Ayurvedic medicine can be used for massage in a treatment known as Panchakarma. There are different types of ghee in Ayurveda with the main ones being ghee prepared from cow’s milk or from buffalo’s milk. Traditionally, ghee made from cow’s milk is preferred for preparing wellness products.


  • Improves digestion and ensures improved absorption of nutrients.
  • Contains fatty acids that reduce inflammation and can help prevent colon cancer.
  • Nourishes the nervous system, including the brain.
  • Anti-inflammatory and is useful in controlling allergies.
  • Beneficial for improving eye health.
  • Lubricates the tissues and boosts energy levels.
  • Acts as a catalyst when infused with herbs, boosting the effect of the herbs.

How we use ghee in our products

Kerala Ayurveda offers a number of wellness products with ghee as the main constituent. These products act as health supplements offering various health benefits. We prepare these products as per traditional Ayurvedic texts using the ancient herbal recipes, and the products are rigorously tested for purity. Our products containing medicated ghee include:

  1. Indukantha Ghritham helps to boost immunity, improve digestion, and ensures optimum energy levels.
  2. Brahmi Ghritham is a rejuvenator that improves health and mental ability (intellect and memory).
  3. Dadimadi Ghritham improves heart, respiratory and reproductive functions.
  4. Gulguluthikthaka Ghritham improves bone and joint health and boosts immunity.
  5. Sukumarakam Ghritham improves hormone balance and reproductive health in women.
  6. Panchagavya Ghritham improves mental health and purifies the mind and body.
  7. Thikthaka Ghritham is beneficial for the skin and improves liver functioning.

Benefits of Ayurvedic products

Ayurvedic products are becoming a preferred wellness supplement by people across the world. This is because these products are 100% natural, made from herbs available in nature. They do not have any chemical contents and are thus safe to consume. They provide multiple health benefits and are time tested from many centuries of use in traditional Indian medicine.

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