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Living a fast-paced lifestyle may be unavoidable, but have you ever stopped to think of how it may be affecting your body and skin? The environment around you and the food you eat can cause a  build-up of toxins or, Ama, in your body, that ultimately affects your skin. That’s why it’s necessary to use Ayurvedic cleansers that can help the overall health of your skin. A good herbal cleanser helps in the natural cleansing process of toxins from the skin to reveal beautiful naturally glowing skin.

How Herbal Cleansers Can Help?

Ayurvedic products can be a helpful transformational force in your life. Herbal cleansers can help with Shodhana or the natural detoxification of the skin, which supports the normal functioning of your body. Herbal cleansers gently help in the cleaning process of remove dead skin and in the rejuvenation process of your skin. to reveal beautiful, naturally radiant skin.

According to Ayurveda, whatever we expose ourselves to (whether through nutrition or lifestyle) can impact our skin and overall health. To preserve the skin’s natural brilliance, Ayurveda has a range of the purest natural herbs that help maintain skin health. Kerala Ayurveda’s line of organic Cleansers and Creams products is based on ancient Ayurvedic mixes.

Not only does cleansing help keep our skin free from dirt, pollutants, and bacteria, but it also aids in the natural rejuvenation process. Our skin is continually exposed to a variety of dangerous chemicals & radiations through the environment. These pollutants damage our skin and make it appear dull. With Kerala Ayurveda’s herbal cleansers you can cleanse your face and help sustain the natural moisture, radiance, and glow of your skin.

Uses and Benefits of Herbal Cleansers

Cleanse the face

Organic herbal products can help your face to be cleansed from everyday pollutants and take care of your general skin health.

Support even skin tone 

Additionally, using a face cleanser daily may help you safeguard your skin. You should cleanse your face at least twice a day, preferably after and before bed. Additionally, a herbal cleanser can help sustain the natural complexion, radiance and glow of your skin reducing the chances of blemishes and maintaining an even skin tone.

Keep your skin naturally hydrated

By feeding the skin profoundly, herbal cleansers help maintain an optimum skin pH. It can encourage the face’s natural gloss, suppleness, elasticity, and let your skin age gracefully.

Aid natural elimination process of dead cells

Regrettably, dead skin cells can contribute to a variety of skin problems. Washing and scrubbing your face regularly can support the natural elimination process of dead cells and free radicals. This will keep the pollutants from damaging your skin.

Herbal cleansers can also provide the following benefits:

  • Help promote natural skin radiance.
  • Aid in the natural cleansing process of the skin
  • Support normal moisture levels of skin
  • Encourage soft and supple skin

Why Choose Kerala Ayurveda?

Kerala Ayurveda offers a range of herbal cleansers that help support normal radiant skin. The herbs used in the formulas are chosen by referring to the ancient Ayurvedic texts and they can offer great cleansing benefits. With a legacy of more than 75 years, we are known for offering top-quality Ayurvedic formulas that encourage your body’s wellness.

Excessive sun exposure can dehydrate the skin and degrade its suppleness. This may also fasten the aging process and can cause creases around the eyes and mouth. You can consider using a herbal cleanser to help your skin form a natural shield against the sun. Dirt and smog can also clog your skin pores. As a result of this, your skin may start looking dull and greyish, lacking shine and youthfulness.

At Kerala Ayurveda, we value your time and effort towards getting radiant skin. Our wide variety of gentle Cleansers and Creams help maintain normal skin health, while also meeting the specific needs of those seeking a cleanser to help maintain their natural skin tone and texture.

With periodic cleaning, you can help your skin feel healthy and refreshed. If you are interested in finding out the benefits of specific Ayurvedic herbal cleansers and buying them, visit the Kerala Ayurveda online store.


  1. Which is the best herbal cleanser for face?

Swarnamukhi Face pack is one of the best herbal cleansers for the face. It consists of ingredients like barley, lotus flower, and saffron to help your skin pores remain naturally clean and help maintain the natural softness and glow of the skin.

  1. Is honey a cleanser?

Honey can help in the natural cleansing process, especially if you have sensitive skin. Honey helps maintain the natural complexion of your skin and is a natural humectant, which means it draws water naturally to itself.

  1. What is an herbal cleanser?

Herbal cleansers for the face are natural herb extracts that you can use to naturally clean your skin. 

  1. Is rosewater a cleanser?

Yes. You can use rosewater as a cleanser and more as a toner. It supports the optimal levels of oil in your skin and provides your skin with natural radiance. Rosewater can be used on all skin types, making it one of the best cleansers.

  1. What should I look for before choosing a cleanser?

A facial cleanser should not contain harsh chemicals or strong exfoliating ingredients. Such ingredients may further irritate and damage your skin. Even though it should be gentle on your skin, it needs to match with your skin type giving a fresh, radiant feel.


  • Skin health is important since the skin forms a vital part of our body’s immune system.
  • Herbs used in herbal cleansers work at the tissue level and help with the natural detoxification and cleansing process.
  • These products support the natural elimination process of toxins from the skin and help maintain the normal nourishment of the skin.
  • Herbal skin cleansers leave your skin refreshed and feeling naturally radiant.
  • A nutritive blend of healing herbs can gently cleanse your skin without any harshness.
  • Herbal creams help naturally nourish and hydrate your skin to maintain the natural glow of your skin.
  • Herbal creams help maintain optimal moisturization and aid in graceful aging.