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Glymin contains extracts of herbs including turmeric, amla, guduchi, indian kino tree, java plum, which helps promote normal carbohydrate metabolism and supports a healthy glycemic balance. This proprietary formulation helps manage all expressions of glycemic imbalance in the body.*


  • Helps support healthy glucose metabolism. *
  • Helps support healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range*
  • Helps maintain normal insulin utilization*
  • Helps to maintain healthy body weight*

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Glymin Tablet

If your blood sugar levels have been out of control, then you know how difficult it can be to bring them back to normal levels. High blood sugar levels very rarely cause any symptoms, but they expose you to serious health risks.

This is why you need to take stringent measures to reduce your blood sugar levels. Diabetes mellitus is not merely a disease, it has become a lifestyle disorder. The fast-paced lifestyle in which people consume excess junk foods, processed foods and drinks containing high sugar content has led to a spike in the cases of diabetes. It is believed that one in every six persons is diabetic.

Stress and lack of exercise further increase the risk of developing diabetes. An uncontrolled rise in blood sugar can be disastrous. It can affect the liver, kidney, heart, and other organs. This is why you need to leave no stone unturned to bring your sugar levels under control. Medication alone may not help. Embracing an Ayurvedic approach that focuses on lifestyle changes, herbal supplements, and wellness practices can help address the root of this imbalance by targeting overall wellness. Glymin tablets from Kerala Ayurveda is one such unique herbal formulation available in an easy to consume form which helps correct imbalances and control blood sugar levels.

Glymin tablet from Kerala Ayurveda

contains various herbal ingredients that have proven effects on reducing blood sugar levels. All the ingredients used are 100% natural and safe. The tablet is prepared as per the ancient Ayurvedic texts using a formulation that has been used for thousands of years.

The tablet is tested for purity in our Research & Development facilities before it reaches you. Although it’s an ancient recipe, the benefits of Glymin are more relevant today than ever before! It is one of the popular wellness products of Kerala Ayurveda.


One of the most popular herbal ingredients in Ayurveda used to treat Diabetes mellitus is Jamun or Syzygium cumini, also known as Java plum. Studies have shown that the seeds of Jamun help in reducing blood sugar levels and regulate the working of insulin. Jamun is one of the key ingredients used in Glymin.

Turmeric or Curcuma longa is a common spice that offers multiple health benefits. It is helpful in balancing vitiation in the doshas and is helpful for diabetics. Amalaki or Amla is Emblica officalis, commonly known as Indian gooseberry. This is a super fruit used as a wellness supplement d to regulate blood sugar levels.

Asana or Vijaysar, is Pterocarpus marsupium, known as Kino tree. It is helpful in improving the way the muscles utilize glucose. This helps in regulating blood sugar levels thus helping diabetics manage their condition in a better way.

Glymin and diabetes control

If you tried out various medications to regulate blood sugar but were not satisfied with the results, then it is time to give the Ayurvedic approach a try. Ayurveda’s lifestyle changes will help you improve your metabolism and strengthen your digestive system. This helps in managing diabetes from the inside out.

The regular practice of Yoga and a healthy diet can help blood sugar levels in check, naturally. This holistic wellness approach is rounded off with the use of a Glymin tablet. The benefit of Ayurvedic treatment using Glymin is that it not only improves glucose metabolism but also can be helpful in solving problems with excess weight.

Ayurveda makes it possible to help you fight increasing blood sugar levels in a natural and safe way. We specialize in taking the ancient formulations and adapting them for the modern world.

Ayurveda and blood sugar levels

Ayurveda and blood sugar levels

Diabetes is part of a group of diseases collectively known in Ayurveda as Prameha. In Ayurveda, it is referred to as Madhumeha (where Madhu means sweet and Meha means urination). The principles of Ayurveda state that disease occurs due to imbalance in any of the three Doshas in the body, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Diabetes is predominantly a Kapha disorder. According to Ayurveda, excess sleep, consuming excess sweets, excess consumption of yogurt, meat soup consumption, physical inactivity, and anything that aggravates Kapha is believed to cause diabetes.

Ayurveda believes that the life force substance, known as Ojas is eliminated from the body through urination when one has diabetes. This is why Ayurveda refers to diabetes mellitus as Ojomeha. Excess thirst, excess urination, sugar in the urine, and excess sugar levels in the body are the common symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes affects all the Dhatus or tissues. This leads to complications like retinopathy, neuropathy and kidney failure.

The management of diabetes requires a holistic approach to target the true cause – which is precisely what Ayurveda offers. Apart from herbal supplements that reduce blood sugar levels and improve glucose absorption, there are many other aspects of an Ayurvedic approach of diabetes. This includes:

  • Yoga and other physical activities to help improve body metabolism and thereby improve blood sugar levels. Many studies have confirmed the positive effect of exercise on reducing blood sugar levels and improving metabolism.
  • Pranayama and deep breathing exercises are believed to enhance body metabolism. It strengthens the Agni (digestive fire). This in turn improves the quality of Ojas and gets rid of any Ama (toxins) from the body, thus improving metabolism. 
  • The use of Ayurvedic detox practices like Panchakarma can help remove toxins from the body and thus restore balance.
  • A healthy diet plays an important role in treating diabetes. Foods that aggravate Kapha Dosha must be avoided. Excess of salt and sugar must be avoided. Food that is low in fat and cholesterol can be very helpful in ensuring normal blood sugar levels.
  • It is recommended to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they contain the nutrients needed to enhance immunity. Ayurveda recommends the use of spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom while cooking. This helps in improving the functioning of the digestive system, thereby improving the quality of Ojas, thus helping in blood sugar control.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided as they can cause imbalance.


Q1. What is the use of Glymin tablets?

A1. Glymin Tablets are a wellness supplement that are helpful in the management of healthy sugar metabolism. The product helps in supporting natural glycemic balance and blood sugar levels already within the normal range. It contains natural herbal ingredients like Java plum (Jamun), Indian gooseberry (Amla), Giloy (Guduchi), all of which have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes, traditionally. 

Q2. What are other benefits of Glymin tablets?

A2. Glymin Tablet has other benefits, like balancing vitiation of the Kapha Dosha in the body. This can be helpful in managing various disorders that arise due to Kapha imbalance. It is helpful in maintaining a healthy body weight. 

Q3. Is Glymin Tablet available in any other form?

A3. Apart from the tablet form, Glymin is also available in powder form and can be offered as a drink to support glucose metabolism. The powder is to be boiled in water (5 grams powder boiled in one liter of water for two minutes) and used as a drink by those who suffer a frequent imbalance in their sugar metabolism.

Glymin is also available as an enhanced product known as Glymin Plus. It is a double-strength version of the Glymin tablet.

Q4. Do Glymin tablets have any side effects?

A4. Glymin tablets are prepared using natural herbal ingredients, and there are no known side effects of using this tablet. Some people may experience nausea, loss of appetite, or an altered sense of taste when using this product. Seek the advice of your Ayurveda practitioner in case you experience any discomfort. It is important to avoid an overdose of Glymin as it can lead to reduced blood sugar levels, which may cause symptoms like dizziness, headache, sweating, and tremors. Anyone using other ayurvedic medicines and diabetes patients should take Glymin tablets under medical supervision.

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