Fermented Liquid (Arishtham)

What comes to your mind when you think of an Ayurvedic supplement? Does the image of a pleasant tasting formula come to mind? While many people know of Ayurvedic capsules and oils, the benefits of Arishtam, a mildly sweet-tasting, fermented liquid that offers a number of benefits to help maintain normal wellness, are relatively unknown. Read on to know more about this herbal liquid and what benefits it offers.

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What is Arishtam?

Arishtams (also called Arishtas) are Ayurvedic supplements that are prepared by boiling herbal extracts in water, after which the decoction is fermented. In Ayurveda, it is believed that this process increases the therapeutic properties of the herbs, as it helps in extracting both the alcohol and water-soluble properties of herbs. What sets Kerala Ayurveda’s Arishtam apart is that the formulation is made using quality fermentation initiators in traditional cedar wood vats.

Many people use the terms Arishtams and Asavas interchangeably, but they’re, in fact, prepared differently. Arishtams are made by boiling dried herbs in water. The liquid herbal extract is then fermented with either honey, jaggery, or sugar. Asavas, in contrast, are made by decocting fresh herbs in either cold or lukewarm water and then fermenting the liquid herb concoction.

Arishtams and Asavas have been used since Vedic times because they offer a number of benefits like aiding your body with normal digestion, and more. Further, unlike many other alternative therapy formulas, Arishtams and Asavas have a long shelf life of up to 10 years. 

How is Arishtam Fermented?

Natural fermenting agents like Dhataki flower-Woodfordia fruticosa or Madhuka-Madhuca longifolia play a crucial role in the making of liquid herbal supplements- Arishtams and Asavas along with some source of sugar.

Typically, Ayurvedic practitioners will also add a few herbs to this fermenting liquid. These herbs regulate the speed of fermentation. The fermenting liquid is then transferred to a vat and kept undisturbed for a period between 2 and 9 weeks. During this period, the fermenting agent breaks down the sugar molecules and converts them into alcohol. The final formula contains both alcohol and water-soluble extract of the herbs. 

Uses and benefits of Arishtam

Arishtams have a number of benefits. Some of these include:

– After fermenting, the benefits of the liquid herbal extracts are due to the fact that they contain both alcohol and water-soluble properties of the herbs.

Arishtams are more potent compared to non-fermented herbal extracts. 

Arishtams help support the normal digestive process. 

– They help support healthy skin and body. 

– These liquids aid the natural elimination process in the body. 

Why Choose Kerala Ayurveda?

With Kerala Ayurveda’s Arishtams, you get the pure goodness of a naturally-fermented Ayurvedic product. We only ferment our Arishtam formulas in cedar wood vats, with Dhataki flowers, a natural fermentation initiator. Listed below are some of the most popular Arishtams sold on the Kerala Ayurveda online store:

Abhayarishtam helps maintain the optimal level of Vata Dosha and aids in normal digestion.

Amrutharishtam helps sustain the optimal levels of the three Doshas. It helps in the normal expression of the immune system and clears Ama or metabolic wastes.

Dashamoolarishtam supports normal digestion and healthy functioning of the heart. 

Dashamoolajeerakarishtam helps to maintain normal digestion, especially during the postpartum period. 

Draksharishtam supports natural blood purification. It also helps aid normal respiratory functioning. 

For a complete list of Arishtams, check the Kerala Ayurveda online store and place your order today.