Digestion and Metabolism

Ayurveda and Digestion

To live well, you have to eat well!

Have you ever noticed that certain foods you eat can pick you up, while others make you feel bad?  The ancient science of Ayurveda, which has been practiced for over 3,000 years, in India indicates that your physical well-being is dependent, to a large extent, on the type of foods you eat and how well they are digested by your body.

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Ayurveda teaches that Agni, which refers to the fire in Sanskrit, helps in the proper breakdown of the food we ingest. Agni is revered since Vedic times because of its property to transform and has even been included in the Panchamahubhutas or the five building blocks of the universe. It is not only the belly fire, it is the source of the lustre of our skin, the sparkle in our eyes, our emotions-awareness, creation and destruction. This is why maintaining a balanced Agni is the preeminent factor to ensure a well-functioning state of Doshas. When our Agni is at the optimal level, it helps in the proper digestion and elimination process. However, when we follow unhealthy eating patterns or lifestyle, our digestion is hammered and we produce more Ama (or toxins)

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that an accumulation of Ama causes ill health. Ama is a form of unmetabolized waste that your body cannot use. While it is natural for a small amount of Ama to form during the digestive process, an excess of it can be problematic. In fact, Vedic texts indicate that Ama is the root cause of all ailments- Aamaya. An excess of it can hamper Agni. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine to increase metabolism acts by supporting the normal functions of our digestive health, because a sturdy metabolism is the key to good health and wellbeing.

Now that you know how Agni and Ama play a role in your well-being, read on to know how you can help support your normal digestive processes using Kerala Ayurveda’s herbal supplements, despite your busy lifestyle.   

How Ayurveda Can Help Healthy Digestion

In Ayurveda, digestion and metabolism are considered the keys to wellness. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help maintain your healthy metabolism through Ayurveda.

The most common way of Ayurvedic practice to help sustain a normal amount of Agni includes intake of therapeutic herbs for gut health. Just imagine how a fire weakens by accumulation of ash over it, Ama also functions in the same way. Like partially burnt wood ash, it accumulates over your digestive fire and weakens it. Ayurvedic medicines for digestion act by using the essence of herbs that have potent Amahara property or ability to cleanse the Ama from the minute channels of the body and strengthen the belly fire. In Ayurveda, there are various herbs that help maintain a low level of Ama. While some herbs aid in digestion, other herbs aid in colon health.

Why Kerala Ayurveda?

The importance of herbs for stomach, digestion, and metabolic processes cannot be overstated. However, if you’re like most people, it’s safe to say you may not be getting your fill of therapeutic herbs. That’s where we, at Kerala Ayurveda, come in. With a legacy that spans over 75 years, we make herbal, Ayurvedic formulas that help support natural digestion and metabolism. Here are a few Ayurvedic natural supplements that you can purchase through the Kerala Ayurveda online store:

Dadimadi Ghritham is a herbalized ghee that helps support your body’s normal digestive functions. 

Abhayarishtam is a fermented liquid that is made from herbs, and helps support balanced digestion and proper functioning of the colon. 

Dashamula Capsules are prepared from the roots of ten different herbs. This supplement helps you optimum weight management and supports natural digestion. 

Eranda Sukumaram Oil is prepared using castor oil. It is traditionally used to help maintain normal elimination. 

Thikthaka Gritham: This traditional herbalized ghee supports optimal functions of the liver. 

Panchagavya Ghritham is a traditional formula that helps support your body’s healthy neurological system.

These supplements have been made with the same ingredients used in Vedic times, to help support your digestion. Browse the complete collection of Ayurvedic supplements on the Kerala Ayurveda store today.