Dadimadi Ghritham

Dadimadi Ghritham

Herbal ghee for optimal digestion.*


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  • Balances Vata and Kapha doshas*
  • Supports proper digestion*
  • Contains Pomegranate, Coriander, Chitraka, Ginger, and Long Pepper
  • Can be taken daily.

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Dadimadi Ghritham is an herb-infused ghee that supports healthy digestion. Based on the Vedic text Sahasrayogam, it supports healthy digestion and metabolism. Take daily for maximum benefits.*


Dadimadi Ghritham is an herb-infused ghee that supports healthy digestion. Based on the Vedic text Sahasrayogam, it supports healthy digestion and metabolism. Take daily for maximum benefits.*


Take 2 teaspoons (10 grams) once per day or as directed by your healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using.


Infused with the goodness of pomegranate and other powerful herbs, Dadimadi Ghritham is a herbalized ghee that is well-known in Ayurveda for the wellness benefits it offers. A 75-year old wellness-based company, here, at Kerala Ayurveda, we manufacture Dadimadi Ghritham using the same healing herbs and botanicals that were used in Vedic times.
Dadimadi Ghritham is an Ayurvedic remedy available in the form of herbal ghee. It is used in conjunction with Panchakarma as a preparation procedure and also as a medication. Ayurveda goes into great depth about the advantages of pomegranate, which is the primary ingredient in this therapy.
Benefits mentioned as per the traditional reference:
Deepana – supports normal digestion strength
Hrudroga – Aids in maintaining proper cardiac health
Pandu – Supports healthy liver and blood
Arsha – Supports normal elimination
Gulma – Supports healthy abdomen
Pleeha – Aids healthy spleen
Shwasa – Promotes healthy respiratory system
Kasa – Encourages natural immune system
Some of the benefits of Dadimadi Ghritham include:
– Helps maintain normal metabolism
– Supports normal cardiovascular health and functioning
– Supports optimum respiratory wellness
– Helps conserve general well-being
– Supports the normal health of pregnant women
An ideal herbal supplement, Dadimadi Ghritham can be taken regularly to help maintain your healthy lifestyle and wellness.
Ayurvedic practices help promote overall well-being. Now that you know how intake of this herbalized ghee can help, you can place an order for Dadimadi Ghritham through our website.
You are on your path to wellness – take the first step by placing your order for Dadimadi Ghritham at the Kerala Ayurveda store.


Dadimadi Ghritham is a supplement that is made up of helpful herbs that aid your healthy well-being.
The ingredients that make up this supplement include:
Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum)
Coriander fruit (Coriandrum sativum)
Chitraka Rhizome (Plumbago zeylanica)
Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale)
Long pepper fruit (Piper longum)
Each of these ingredients plays a unique role in helping support the functioning of your body.
The mixture above is processed according to the Vedic preparatory methods until herbal ghee is formed.
The benefits of pomegranate fruit are numerous. There are so few fruits that are as nutritionally dense as pomegranate. Thousands of years ago, pomegranate was used for its health benefits. Besides the pomegranate fruit, other parts of the plant are being used to treat a variety of health problems. The fruit of the pomegranate is the most extensively used portion of the plant.
Sanskrit synonyms of Pomegranate:
Phalamla – has a slightly sour taste
Kuchaphala – Fruit resembles the shape of breasts
Shukavallabha – attracts birds
Raktabeeja – has red seeds
Raptapushpa – has red-colored flowers
Dantabeeja – seeds are arranged like teeth

Regular consumption of Dadimadi Ghritham can help stabilize the regular functioning of your body. The recommended dosage is 10 grams or 2 teaspoons taken once a day, or as recommended by your Ayurvedic healthcare practitioner. After taking the supplement, sipping warm water that has been infused with ginger is recommended.
Note: If you are currently on any medications, are pregnant or nursing, or suffering from pre-existing ailments, you should only consume Dadimadi Ghritham after consulting your healthcare provider.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dadimadi Ghritham help with gas and bloating?

Dadimadi Ghritham contains herbs that have carminative (gas soothing) properties*

2. Can Dadimadi Ghritham be used as a massage cream on the abdomen?

No, this product is formulated to be taken internally.

3. Can this product be taken daily?

Take Dadimadi Ghritham daily for maximum benefits.*

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