Circulation and Heart Health

Do you feel a rush of energy after you’ve had a great laugh with your friends? Did you ever wonder about the reason behind this? Surely the hormones released in the process make you happy, there is however one more factor in play- when you laugh, you inhale more oxygen which is then transported to all parts of the body by the heart through your blood. The heart is crucial in maintaining healthy blood circulation and also for the overall wellbeing of the body. So it is imperative that you take good care of your heart. 

Reckless lifestyles, stress, bizarre diets, and improper sleeping patterns can significantly affect heart health. 

In Ayurveda, the heart is called Hridaya where Hri means to draw blood and da means to donate. It circulates Rasa (body fluids) and Rakta (blood) throughout the body. Heart is considered to be the seat of consciousness, intellect and Prana- the vital force. It is imperative to try and help maintain heart health by using effective supplements for cardiovascular health. Using the best supplements for cardiovascular health will help maintain the healthy functioning of the heart. 

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Ayurveda Supplements for Heart Health

Ayurveda provides a holistic approach that helps sustain normal heart health. The formulations in Ayurveda are taken from ancient scriptures and made from the goodness of nature’s healing herbs. Ayurveda views the heart as the center of everything in your body; it is where all your Doshas reside along with Ojas- the essence of all Dhathus (tissue). If it is affected, it will affect every other part of the body. Through the use of heart care Ayurvedic medicines, the formulation is able to promote healthy heart functioning that can be easily sustained and maintained.


Uses/Benefits of the Products

  • Helps in proper blood circulation
  • Nourishes and tones the heart muscles
  • Aids in the normal functioning of the circulatory system and helps in balancing the heart functions 
  • Calms and soothes emotions to provide optimal response to stress

Popular Formulations:

Ayurvedic heart health supplements clubbed along with a sensible diet and lifestyle help support normal circulation , nourishment and strength of heart with herbs and formulations from the ancient Vedic period. Some of the best supplements for heart health include:

  1. Draksharishtam  

A popular formulation from the Sarngadhara Samhita Ayurvedic text, Draksharishtam is known for its ability to help maintain the optimal levels of Pitta and Vata primary functional energies (Doshas). Besides helping maintain and replenish healthy skin and blood, it can also aid in an optimal healthy respiratory system and body strength.

  1. Hridya capsules

For efficient normal transportation of nutrients to all tissues, healthy metabolic waste management of the body, and healthy production process of blood level and its components, look no further than Hridya capsules. Apart from helping maintain the heart and circulation, its other benefits include:

  • Regularizes healthy blood pressure
  • Supports optimal organ function
  1. Vital flow tablets

Vital flow tablets, one of the Ayurvedic medicine for the heart health, contains Sarpagandha known to aid healthy heart functioning. The anti-oxidant element supports the normal functioning of your blood vessels. It helps promote:

  • Normal blood pressure levels already within normal range
  • Healthy blood circulation 
  • Healthy cognitive functions
  • Normal heart health
  1. Sahacharadi Sevyam

Sahacharadi sevyam, an Ayurvedic oil has been used for ages for helping to optimize Vata Dosha levels. The Sahacharadi Sevyam oil maintains a healthy colon, helps in the natural cleansing process, and helps maintain normal blood flow. It is for internal use, so talk with your healthcare professional before usage.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Products for Heart

Ayurveda comes to the table to help examine the body’s entire functionality because it focuses on holistic body functionality. The overall principle of Ayurvedic products is to help maintain the balance of the whole system of the body by creating an equilibrium among the various parts of your body and the environment to an extent. 

Ayurvedic products apply a holistic approach to heart health. As a result, Ayurvedic products work synergistically, by helping maintain normal blood pressure and proper blood circulation.


  • They support a normal cardiovascular system. 
  • They help regulate healthy blood pressure already within normal range.
  • Use Ayurvedic products alongside sensible diet, yoga, and physical workout.
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