2 Things You Need To Know: Self Care for Guys

June 24, 2022 | 1536 views

Guys Need Self Care Too!

Self Care is not just for the ladies. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their skin, including guys. When we imagine self-care, guys are not typically who we envision. Stereotypically, it’s women who are notorious for taking far too long in the bathroom. The idea that self-care is reserved for one gender is outdated. We all have hair, skin, and emotions, and want to feel our best. 

Today, men are taking better care of themselves than ever before. Self-care is not spa days and mani-pedis. Of course, it can be, but real self-care is caring for your mind and body. That is what Ayurveda is all about! Self-care for guys looks like taking care of your mental health, sexual health, and physical health all while keeping those cortisol levels at a healthy baseline. 

Alright, gentlemen! Let’s get you feeling and looking your best. 

Mental Health Is Self Care

When you search men’s health on the internet, heart and prostate conditions fill the screen. While the health of our bodies is essential, it’s only one piece of the self-care puzzle. Mental health is inextricably connected to our overall wellness, yet the stigma that “real men don’t talk about their feelings” has silenced entire generations of men.  

Stress is a major factor in men’s health. Too much stress can lead to heart issues and in some cases heart attacks. Stress can greatly decrease sexual function and drive. It can even affect your body’s ability to build muscles. Cortisol actually breaks down molecules making it harder for your body to build up muscle mass. So keeping Cortisol levels low helps you build a stronger body.  Ashwagandha is a herb that can play a major role in decreasing Cortisol levels, so let’s take a look at what Ashwagandha is and how it can help.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic super herb used for mental fortitude and natural mood support. Ayurvedic practitioners know it as, ‘The Stress Reducing King,’ as its properties are proven to lower cortisol levels. There are too many benefits of Ashwagandha to list them all, but here are the most well-known.

  • Powerful Antioxidant & Free Radical Fighter
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Heightens mood & cell vitality
  • Supports healthier stress responses
  • Rejuvenates immune, hormonal, nervous, and reproductive systems
  • Helps Build Muscle Mass
  • Stimulates Reproductive Health

Adding this to your daily supplement routine can enhance your self-care. Ashwagandha can be a powerful helper in your mental health regimen.  Taking care of our brains (and therefore our mental health) is in part taking care of the body and making its functions efficient and well-fueled.

Self Care & Sexual Health

Millions of men across the globe associate the strength of their libido with the strength of the man, tying sexual health, i.e., vitality and stamina, to self-confidence.  The reality is that even men with the most dedicated workout regimen and comprehensive diet can struggle with sexual self-care.  Pharmaceuticals and pseudo supplements found at local corner stores tend to be the first place people turn to for increased stamina. 

Promactil Capsules offer natural ways to increase stamina and vitality. Potentiated Ayurvedic ghee is infused with authentic natural ingredients to nourish healthy male reproductive tissue.  Herbs like Ashwagandha, Indian Madder, Licorice, and Ajowan support healthy stamina levels in a safe, natural way.  Healthy reproductive organs are also a good sign that you have a healthy heart as well. It is also true that if you struggle with “keeping up” it is often a teller of a heart issue. Though women do have to keep their heart health in mind it isn’t as common an issue as it is for men. 

Tribulus and Sexual Health Self Care

Tribulus Capsules is a men’s health & virility booster that uses adaptogens to keep cortisol levels in check. Powered by Gokshura, a mighty adaptogen rich in plant-based flavonoids and tannins that assist in boosting male vitality and virility. This herbal aphrodisiac is known to boost libido and support men’s sexual health and endurance. Each capsule contains organic Tribulus fruit extracts from the gardens of Kerala, India, naturally extracted for potency and purity. Keep the gears well oiled so that the machine can run smoothly!

Self-Care is for You Too Guys!

Don’t be afraid to step up to a good self-care routine! Supplements can enrich your life in a way that enhances the things you love to do. Taking the steps to make a self-care routine for guys that frames your mental and sexual health can go a long way in enriching your life. Using things such as supplements to help you get there is in line with Ayurveda’s motto of working from the inside out. You can empower your eating habits and work out routines with these vital supplements that aid in keeping those cortisol levels low and glow that manly glow!

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