Natural and Effective Methods to Manage Hair Fall and Boost Hair Growth

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12 Natural and Effective Methods to Manage Hair Fall and Boost Hair Growth

Losing your mind over hair loss ? No matter how old you are, it’s always frustrating to see your hair fall in clumps or strands  in the shower, bed, kitchen and everywhere you go. Sometimes hair loss can make you feel conscious about how you look and feel about yourself! . You are not alone in this sentiment.

Two in ten Americans face hair loss  problems, with men representing a higher percentage of the total figure. It’s an immense problem, and people under 30 years of age are concerned the most since nobody wants to look older than their age prematurely!

Wondering how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

To combat this problem, medical science has come up with various solutions. It’s better to start taking care of your hair while you still have a full, healthy mane,  and use natural ingredients for hair growth. On that note, we are sharing 12 effective and natural ways to stop hair loss and boost hair growth.

1. Scalp Massage

Out of several hair loss remedies, scalp massage is the most effective and proven way to stimulate hair follicles. Combined with certain herbs and natural ingredients, a scalp massage can do wonders in a couple of sittings.

Scalp massage can be done at home or at a salon using an oil or nutrient-rich serum of your choice.

If you are looking for natural ways to stop hair loss, you may use 100% almond oil, coconut oil or onion paste to massage your scalp. If you have oily roots, engage in a scalp massage once a week. Don’t have the time to prepare home remedies? No worries!  Pre-formulated Ayurvedic oils can boost hair growth.

If you are losing hair at a tremendous pace because of an underlying condition like postpartum alopecia, a shortened hair-growth cycle, or the use of certain  medications, consult your physician or a skin specialist before getting a scalp massage.

2. Castor Oil Treatment

It’s no longer a secret that a hot castor oil treatment can boost your hair growth and stop hair loss naturally. For those who didn’t know, castor oil can help combat scalp infection, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins that penetrate the scalp and nourish it from within. If you have a dry scalp, castor oil will help your scalp to retain moisture and prevent hair breakage.

You can give yourself a hot castor oil treatment at home. Put a few drops of oil on your head and gently massage with your fingertips on the scalp and along the length of your strands. If you have long hair, pile them on top of your head and wear a shower cap. Blow-dry at moderate heat for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with shampoo or conditioner. Although the success of this treatment in stopping hair fall will show after 3-4 sessions, you will notice softer, glossy hair right away.

3. Consume Healthy Fats

Popping hair-growth supplements doesn’t always work. While it might offer  a glint of hope, these supplements sometimes have side effects you weren’t aware of like – skin breakouts, for instance.
That said, eating the right food is the best and safest way to support healthy hair growth from within. .
Healthy fats like Omega-3s can nourish your hair follicles, stop hair loss, and boost hair growth. Omega 3s is naturally found in foods like salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, tuna, soybean and canola oil, and therefore it is readily absorbed by your  body as intended.

Heat treatments make your hair dry and brittle and thus speed up hair fall. Most people heat-style their hair daily despite knowing the repercussions. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a bad hair day. You don’t have to fix your hair every day, especially when it’s causing intense hair damage.

Do yourself a favor. Unless you are a celebrity who can’t show up without perfect hair, limit your heat-styling treatments to special occasions or when you want to look your absolute best. On normal days, simply run a comb through your hair, and you are ready.

Or, repair your hair by wearing a headscarf or baseball cap over hair that is being conditioned all day, so that when you finally rinse at the end of the day, it is smooth, cleand, and new. You can also apply essential oils like olive oil mixed with gooseberry, clary sage, and lavender to soothe and stimulate your hair follicles.

5. Quit Smoking

Ditching cigarettes is easier said than done! We understand that it’s not easy to quit smoking altogether, but you can avoid the act to some extent – at least for the sake of your hair?
Smoking restricts blood from reaching your scalp and follicles. As a result, your hair and scalp don’t get the consistent supply of nutrients that keep them healthy. Over time, your hair roots become weak and come out easily. Toxins from smoking also prevent the formation of new follicles.
If you are taking any natural hair treatments for hair growth, avoid smoking for the time being so that the treatment can work as intended.

6. Use Suitable Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda has some of the most effective remedies for hair and scalp care. Enriched with natural ingredients like gooseberry, jojoba, coconut, shikakai, etc, Ayurvedic oils can help to stop hair fall and boost growth naturally.

If you are facing issues like itchy scalp, hair-thinning and abnormal hair fall, Chemparuthyadi Keram may help you find relief in a couple of weeks. This Ayurvedic remedy offers the goodness of hibiscus and freshly pressed coconut oil to strengthen the roots and stop hair loss.

7. Avoid Too Much Shampoo

Shampoo helps remove dirt and oil from your hair, but overdoing it can lead to dry and brittle strands. So, how much is too much? Well, that depends on your hair type. If you have an oily scalp, you might feel the urge to shampoo your hair on alternate days. But if you have a dry scalp, you might want to resist the temptation to shampoo your hair that often. Twice a week is fine for a dry scalp.

8. Detangle Gently

It’s worth it to slow down and properly comb or brush your hair to avoid hair loss and hair damage.  The moment you step out of the shower, run a wide-toothed comb through your hair. It’s easier to do it with a comb and especially when your hair is still wet.
After that, use your regular hair brush to detangle your hair, slowly and gently, starting from the scalp and all the way to the ends.
The hairbrush you use also makes a difference. The best bet would be a detangling brush with long, flexible, rounded bristles. It can easily run through the knots, thus, minimizing breakage.

9. Keratin-based products

Your hair needs vital nutrients and oil to stay healthy. And one of the best ways to ensure that is by using keratin-based products, as they nourish your hair and prevent breakage. You can buy keratin-based shampoo, conditioner, serum or get keratin-based salon treatments to revive and preserve the lovely shine and texture of your hair.

10. Manage Stress

While stress may not cause hair loss directly, it can aggravate existing scalp diseases and hair problems to accelerate hair fall. Stress is inevitable, but you can minimize it with Ayurvedic practices like meditation and yoga.  Reducing stress can help stop hair loss  from turning into a chronic condition.. There are several proven ways to manage stress. However, what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. So, try out various stress management techniques to see which one brings you mental peace.

11. Trim your split ends

What seems like a normal issue at first can lead to hair loss in a matter of a few weeks. Split ends seem normal because they occur at the far end of your scalp, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work their way up, eventually splitting a hair to the scalp.  Getting a regular trim is the best way to get rid of split ends, but that’s not a permanent solution either. If you get hair cuts  frequently, you will not be able to grow your hair to the desired length. Therefore, it is important to use hair loss remedies along with salon visits to make split ends disappear altogether. Healthy hair grows faster and fuller, too.

12. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

It’s funny how you wake up with a unique hairstyle every morning. That’s your pillow at work – for 8 hours straight, give or take. Given the amount of time your head spends on the pillow, it is important to choose the right pillowcase fabric. Silk is a better choice for a pillowcase than cotton. A cotton pillowcase not only robs your hair of its natural oil and moisture but also causes friction as you toss and turn while sleeping. As a result, you wake up with dry, entangled hair that is prone to breakage.

While there’s a variety of herbs for hair growth and thickness, as well as natural hair loss remedies for females and males alike, you can follow the above-mentioned tips to get yourself off to a good start.

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