4 Things In Your Kitchen For Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

June 21, 2022 | 1470 views

 Ayurvedic Beauty Essentials Found At Home 

Ayurveda is a life science based on the principle that nature provides the wisdom and resources to keep the mind-body system in balance. From the dandelions in your backyard to the spices in your kitchen, we’re surrounded by a world of wellness. While not all of us have Neem, sandalwood, or gram flour lying around the house, most of us can find at least 4 Things In Your Kitchen For Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments. All you need for an at-home spa day is to open your cabinets!

Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredient #1 – Honey 

We’re all familiar with the health benefits of eating honey, but did you know this golden syrup holds beauty secrets as well? For thousands of years, Honey has been used for its antibacterial qualities and its natural antioxidant properties which are known to reduce the signs of aging. It’s nature’s skin cleanse, clearing the pores, repairing the skin, and sealing in moisture—liquid gold in a jar. 

To put this Ayurvedic beauty ingredient to use, start by applying a healthy spoonful evenly to your face. Allow the honey to sit for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Your skin will stay hydrated and fresh for the rest of the day. 

Ayurvedic Beauty Bonus

Honey is an excellent makeup remover. Add a light oil like jojoba to the honey and use it to remove makeup from your cheeks, forehead, chin, and under the eyes. Avoid using it to remove eye makeup. Remember, Honey opens the pores. By using it to remove makeup, it’s cleansing below the skin’s surface, reaching the dirt deep in the pores. 

Exfoliate and keep your skin extra soft by adding honey to half a lemon and rubbing the lemon on your face in a circular motion. Rinse after 5 minutes for an extra glow!

Honey For Your Hair

This miracle ingredient isn’t only for the skin on your face. When used as a conditioner, it revitalizes and locks in moisture. It works best when used after shampooing. Apply a small amount to your oil of choice and combine thoroughly. Rub the mixture into your hair, paying close attention to the scalp and the tips of your hair. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse. 

Honey is also a great leave-in conditioner. Simply, combine 1.5 tsp of honey with 5 ½ C of water. Rub the honey mixture thoroughly through your hair, then style per your normal routine.

Not All Honey Is Equal

Keep in mind, not all honey is made equal. Ethically harvested from Apis Dorsata honeybees, our Organic Honey is collected from wild bees who procure their nectar in their natural habitat lush with wildflowers and medicinal herbs.

100% sustainably sourced and packed in glass bottles by our skilled beekeepers, if you’re searching for pure honey in its natural form, this raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey is for you. 

Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredient #2 – Turmeric

You can’t talk about Ayurvedic beauty without mentioning Turmeric! If honey is liquid gold, then turmeric is powdered gold. It’s a blood circulating, antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory kind of gold. Turmeric is a well-documented ancient beauty superfood. So, of course it does wonderful things for the  skin, like reducing acne scars, softening stretch marks, reducing the appearance of dark circles, and supporting us in the fight against the clock – anti-aging. 

If you’ve ever cooked Indian food or naturally dyed a cake yellow, you most likely have Turmeric in your spice cabinet.

Turmeric Stretch Mark Cream

Naturally reduce the appearance of stretch marks with this simple home-made cream recipe. 

Turmeric Base

1 tsp. Turmeric

1 Tbs. Coconut Oil

  1. In a small bowl, combine the turmeric and coconut oil. 
  2. Rub the mixture onto your stretch marks and leave on for an hour. Be sure to wear loose clothes that don’t rub against the cream. 
  3. Rinse with warm water, then apply your favorite moisturizer

While it’s not the magic eraser of stretch marks, it does help reduce the appearance over time when applied regularly. 

Want To Boost The Benefits?  -Try This 

1 tsp. Honey

1 tsp. Greek Yogurt

  1. Add honey and greek yogurt to your turmeric base and combine thoroughly. 
  2. Follow the directions above -and voila! Your skin should have a glowing radiance it didn’t have before. 

If making and storing pastes seems like a lot, then you’ll love our Turmeric Beauty Serum, Nalpamaradi Keram It’s a great go-to to give your skin a glowing, youthful appearance. This organic skin remedy boosts the skin’s natural defenses, naturally lifting the tone and radiance of your skin’s complexion. 

Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredient #3 – Lemon Juice

Goodbye Head & Shoulders, hello, lemon juice! Here’s more gold to brighten your beauty routine. Didn’t know you had so much gold laying around the house, did you? Lemons are a great weapon to have in your arsenal against dandruff. When life gives you lemons and you have dandruff, simply squeeze the lemons until you have enough juice to rub thoroughly into your scalp. Then, shampoo and condition following your normal regimen. 

Lemons are packed with goodness like vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, and iron -all qualities needed to restore your hair’s health. It balances the hair’s pH levels, strengthening the follicles. Lemons are also a potent cleansing agent. They attack oil and grease build-up, naturally removing dirt, grime, and any lingering product. 

Ayurvedic Beauty Bonus

P.S They’re great for your nails too! Combine lemon juice and olive oil, then brush onto the nail bed. You don’t even have to wash it off. 

Rough elbows? Use baking soda and lemon juice to make a paste. Rub onto your elbows and allow the mixture to sit for a couple of minutes. Then, rinse it off to reveal the soft skin underneath.

Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredient #4 – Coconut Oil

Okay, this one doesn’t glitter gold, but it’s one most of us are familiar with. Coconut oil is a well-established natural moisturizer. It’s especially great for those of us with sensitive skin or skin conditions, like eczema. Consider it a multi-functional Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredient with the versatility to be everything from a natural deodorant and wound salve to cuticle oil and even make-up remover. However, if you have oily skin, we recommend rinsing the oil with warm water after the make-up is removed to avoid excess oil. 

Here’s one tip you may not have heard yet, make-up brush cleaner. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil act as an effective cleaner for your make-up brushes. Simply, dip the brushes in the oil, rubbing off any excess. Then, wash with soap and warm water. Coconut oil’s viscosity helps the brushes maintain their shape. It really is the oil that keeps on giving!

Looking for something a bit more convenient?  Neelibringadi Keram is an Ayurvedic beauty staple for healthy scalps and luscious hair. Its coconut oil base is soothing and nourishing to the skin and hair. 

Kitchen Ingredients that Keep on Giving

These four ingredients possess far too many ayurvedic beauty uses to list them all. A little online research provides endless options and remedies. Food may be the way to our hearts, but the kitchen is the way to do a body good. 

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