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Backaches have always been around. But our modern lifestyle, which involves slouching and staring at a computer screen for long hours, causes stress on the spine that may ultimately lead to back pain. While you focus on correcting your posture and reducing your low back discomfort, Kerala Ayurveda Back Support is the perfect solution that will support optimal low back health.

Back Support combines the goodness of classical formulations Simhasyadi Kwath and Nirgundi Eranda Prayoga, both of which are used traditionally to support Vata and Kapha imbalances and preserve spine health. Back Support is the first choice to maintain strength and preserve the integrity of the spine in occasional discomfort caused due to strenuous activity. It supports normal immune-related activity in the spine to aid balanced movement.


  • Aids normal flexibility and range of movements of spine
  • Plant based supplement to maintain optimal low back health
  • Supports in reducing occasional discomfort of lumbar spine after strenuous activity
  • Stabilizes Vata and Kapha Doshas

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Back Support

Lumbar spinal anomalies could be a conventional health complaint that one might take in from a wide ambit of age groups. Maybe you get to hear constant talks on back pain within your family or colleagues or Do lower back oddities trouble you already? If yes, then obviously the next couple of minutes is yours. Read on!!

Unhealthy spine and impaired flexibility can always endure as a threat to many of your routine activities from essential schedules like your profession that demands physical strength, a 24/7 desktop job, any other bustle that makes you sit up for hours to even the simplest tasks which demand bending down.

Spinal health is very important because it literally affects our overall activities and wellness.This is where Kerala Ayurveda’s Back Support herbal capsules come to help.

Kerala Ayurveda’s Back Support

Though impaired flexibility and other related difficulties have been troubling millions of people for a very long time. Kerala Ayurveda’s Back Support Capsules could be just the right choice to deal with normal low back health. So, go ahead and let yourself know more about this awesome product.


Nirgundi: Nirgundi owing to its literal meaning, ‘Protector of all the ailments’ is a pliant shrub in the world of Ayurveda, which finds use in both external and internal Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain, curbing expansive disorders from small to big! Nirgundi characterized with pungent and astringent tastes, helps stabilize Vata and Kapha doshas, the principal Doshas involved in supporting joints and muscle.

Trivirit  (Operculina turpethum): Finds its use in Ayurveda as one of the excellent herbs for colon health. It also maintains bowel movements thereby facilitating easy evacuation. Wondering what evacuation has to do with, low back health? If so, be ready to get surprised! Faecal impaction will exert pressure on your rectum or colon and can radiate pain to the lower back and abdomen!! This is how impaired digestion and evacuation can be culprits behind your low back disturbances.

Vasa (Adhatoda Vasica): An all the go classical medicinal herb, has been incorporated in this formulation by virtue of its anti-inflammatory property1, exhibited by the unique bioactive component, Vasicin. Vasa is also regarded as a natural vasodilator, which sustains the back by warding off sore muscles and spasms.

Danti (Baliospermum montanum): It is commonly known as Baliospermum, whose roots have been integrated on account of its Prabhava(special effect) of Bhedaniya(purgation) and helps to balance the raised level of Vata dosha eliminating pain and related conditions hence effectively assisting in the lower back health.

Daily Practices that affect the Back

According to Ayurveda, every disease stems from digestion as a root. The pressure on the spine, instigated as a result of gas, bloating and faecal impaction causes strain on your back. Hence, it is recommended to follow healthy and reinforcing diet habits.

Nowadays jobs demand high screen time, require slumping in a chair, and sitting in that same posture for hours, even the majority of our hobbies constitute toiling around the screens which proves detrimental to our back and consequential discomforts follow. Hence wholesome diet and adequate physical exercise are indispensable.

Aragwadha (Cassia fistula), is identified as ‘Golden rain tree’ by the world and as a herbal blood cleanser and ‘Sarva Roga Prashamani’ in Ayurveda, which translates as the one that cures all types of diseases! This wonderful herb has many wondrous properties of which its purgative, carminative, and pain-relieving properties have been specially taken care of in this formulation.

Devadaru (Cedrus deodara) commonly known as deodar cedar, helps to stabilize Vata and Kapha dosha. Contemporary studies have proven Devadaru as a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent2.

Eranda Thaila (Ricinus communis) takes pride as one of the most loved medicinal herbal oil in Ayurvedic scriptures and treatises. It is beneficial in maintaining a healthy lower back and normal uncompromised flexibility.  It also helps ineffective management of the deranged Kapha and Vata dosha.

Sesame Seed Oil: Sesame oil is widely proclaimed in Ayurveda for its penetrating property which pierces deep into 7 body tissues and elicits wondrous response for the normal functions of the lumbar spine and harmonizes both Vata and Kapha doshas. It soothes the spine and associated muscles owing to its warm potency.

Role of Doshas

The Low Back and Vata Dosha

Vata finds itself seated in the low back, including pelvis and thighs. Vata is quintessential in the normal functioning of the structures associated with the pelvic girdle including the nerve plexus that leaves the spinal cord.

We know similarity augments everything. By this principle, it is rather important to stabilize Vata dosha, the cooling nature it possesses causes stiffness and compression, paving way for eroded muscles due to dryness. Hence, if not kept in check the levels of Vata dosha tend to elevate, thereby lodging and creating discomfort in these sites.

The low back is regarded as a strong supporting structure, that provides a strong foothold of the body, hence it is mandatory to keep our low back healthy.

How to use Back Support

 Adults can consume 1 capsule per day or as advised by your healthcare provider.

Your Health is Our Primary Concern

Pregnant, nursing women and people with medications for any health conditions are advised to take Back Support herbal capsules only with the guidance of a physician. 

Ayurveda is believed and proved to be a ” Way of life” so it definitely preserves a way out of each and every trouble we encounter in our daily life. Kerala Ayurveda’s Back Support herbal capsules could be another good way of leading yourself into an effortless and flexible range of movements. 

Kerala Ayurveda Inc

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., a full-spectrum Ayurvedic company with a 75-year operating record spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals and resorts. What began as an apothecary on the banks of the Periyar River has expanded to an extensive practitioner line of highly efficient and safe remedies. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened its doors in 2006 and today offers traditional Ayurvedic education, wellness services and products to a global network of practitioners and health seekers.

We take pride in what we do. A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally!

Menstrual bleeding is understood as Rajah Pravarthanam in Ayurveda and considered as the byproduct of Rasa Dhatu- that provides nourishment to the whole body and carries hormones. Rasa Dhatu forms blood tissue or Rakta and in this transformation a part of rasa turns into menstrual blood .

Role of Vata in Menstrual cycle

The bleeding or menstruation phase of the cycle is controlled by Apana vata in the body and has a span of 2-7 days, varies from woman to woman. When Vata dosha is aggravated it results in abdominal discomfort associated with pricking pain, anxiety, varied or prolonged menstrual pattern and even amenorrhea.

The presence of Chitraka, Pippali and Draksha in this formulation supports to alleviate Vata dosha and thereby supports in painful menstruation and helps to maintain an optimal uterine health.

Role of Pitta in Menstrual cycle

Pitta dosha has close association with blood.. Aggravated Pitta dosha that accumulates during the ovulatory phase of menstruation has a cumulative effect on the bleeding scheme and can result in burning sensation during menstruation and mood fluctuations like anger and irritability. Pitta dosha has an immense role in moulding a female to menarche and further through menopausal variations.

The occupancy of Asoka bark, Shatavari and Punarnava and other healing herbs for women’s health in Menocare herbal tablets helps to optimise the levels of Pitta in the body and supports to relieve Menopausal anxiety along with offering support to normal uterine health.

Role of Kapha in Menstruation

Kapha dosha has unseen effects in regulation of proper menstrual mechanisms. It assists in optimal uterine proliferation and maintains the overall hormonal balance of the body. In conditions of aggravated Kapha dosha the menstrual blood may be associated with heavy clots and bloating.

The use of Lodhra, Pippali and Chitraka in this formulation helps to balance the levels of Kapha and supports healthy menstruation. Female body and the natural mechanisms in it, are absolutely unique and alluring. If we align it to it’s natural cycle through wholesome diet, lifestyle and healthy supplements we will be able to alleviate the wayward anomalies.

Ayurveda does not only provide alternative solutions but also works from root level.

By now, It would have been pellucid that Kerala Ayurveda’s Menocare herbal tablets are the best to support all your concerns relating to healthy and normal menstruation. Pick yours before it is  too late..!!

Bleed safe Bleed happily!!

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