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Immune Defense Support Supplement, Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response


  • Natural adaptogen
  • Supports body’s natural immune response
  • Supports normal functioning of the respiratory tract
  • Promotes normal digestive functions
  • Supports normal liver functions and helps in detoxification.

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The year 2020 made us witness how even the minutest entities of nature, ‘a virus’ can shatter the world economy, stretch hospitals to breaking points and encroach upon our freedom of movement. We stayed back at our homes clinging to the idea of “maximum isolation and minimum socialization”. Thereafter we began to realize that, until then we were leading a lifestyle contradicting our health which made us sicker, weaker and immune-compromised. The situation thereafter was that “Immune boosting” became the only ‘Global strategy’ against the dastardly heinous virus. So, the nucleus is, it took a pandemic for immunity to become a buzzword!! At the same time, Ayurveda became the “first- go” for all of us. Today life is once again recuperating to the ‘old normal’. And concurrently we tend to forget to take good care of our body’s natural immunity. Basic self-care may have taken the wayside and this is where Kerala Ayurveda’s  ‘Andrographis’ can lend a helping hand to boost your normal immune response.

Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis

Andrographis paniculata is a  seasonal herb native to India and Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular medicinal plants used traditionally  for the maintenance of healthy immune and respiratory systems. Andrographis paniculata might taste bitter but the kind of health benefits it offers is unmatchable. Health benefits of Andrographis comes from it’s aerial parts with a very bitter taste.The time tested Science of Ayurveda calls this herb as Kalmegh. Ayurvedic classical texts have ample references about  various indications of this herb which include Rochana( appetite stimulant), Deepana ( enhance digestive fire), Pachana (carminative), Kanthya ( relieves sore throat), Varnya ( improves complexion), Krichraghna ( manages painful micturition), Balya (improve muscle strength) etc. Andrographis was used in the history of Indian flu epidemic in 1919 during which it was known for controlling the spread of the disease.

Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis – veg capsules are made from organic extracts of sustainably grown Andrographis paniculata herbs and are completely tested for heavy metals compliance. It helps to detoxify the metabolic wastes and optimise normal immune response. Researchers identify Andrographis as a safe and efficacious anti-inflammatory agent having its spectacular effects on upper respiratory tract infections. It can also significantly decrease the production of cytokines and proinflammatory factors in viral infections.¹

Be ready to get astonished reading through what Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis is capable of !!!

  • Augments body’s natural immune response
  • Fosters healthy inflammation response 
  • Supports normal functioning of the respiratory tract 
  • Promotes normal digestive functions
  • Supports normal liver functions and helps in detoxification.

Augments Body’s Natural Immune Response

Andrographolide, an active principle in Andrographis, has a remarkable ability to support the natural immune responses in the body. The active compounds present in Andrographis have got excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ,antiviral and antiparasitic properties which all fortify the immune system. Andrographolide is a potent stimulator of immune response through two mechanisms:

1) Antigen specific response : Where antibodies are made to counteract invading microorganisms.

2) Non specific immune response: Where the body’s macrophage cells scavenge and destroy intruders.

The immunomodulatory property of Andrographolide is associated with the enhancement of proliferation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes as well as production of key cytokines. Control of immune response by regulating nuclear factors of activated T cells(NAFT) during T-cell activation is also a widely known strategy.²

Hence Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis augments the body’s natural immune responses. 

Supports Normal Functioning of Respiratory Tract

Andrographis has been traditionally used since times immemorial, against the common cold and is likely to improve occasional cough and sore throat in some people. The dry and penetrating properties of Andrographis helps to balance Kapha and to maintain the normal body temperature. Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis is hence a potential supporter of a normal healthy respiratory tract and healthy sinuses.

Andrographis is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols that may help to fight the harmful free radicals in our body³. This in turn seems to protect the body cells from unhealthy pathogenesis.

Effects Of Cardiovascular Health

This bitter herb is also used traditionally for its cardio-protective nature. It holds high significance in maintaining normal heart health. Owing to its strong anti-oxidative nature, it helps in maintaining the normal strength of the heart muscles and supports normal lipid metabolism. It also plays a pivotal role in maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels and normal blood pressure already within the normal range.⁷

How to Use?

The daily dosage of Kerala Ayurveda Andrographis is 2 capsules after food twice or as directed by your healthcare provider.

How miraculous is that when a tiny bitter herb has started conquering our hearts?!!

In essence, it is not hard to see why andrographis is used to invigorate all round health and well being.

Even if you are facing a challenging season ,once you choose andrographis it is assured you have got an ally to help maintain your health by supporting a healthy immune response!! 

Worry not anymore, because Andrographis is such a herb blessed with umpteen health benefits. Let this magic of nature brighten up your days ahead! 

Fosters Normal Inflammatory Response

Andrographis helps the body to retain its normal ability to repair tissue damage and thus proves to be extremely helpful. The property fostering normal inflammatory responses is contributed by the bioactive constituents Andrographis. It is owed to activities such as inhibition of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression in monocytes, and suppression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS).⁴

Promotes Normal Digestive Functions

Andrographis aids the digestive system by effectively managing digestive problems by restoring normal metabolism. It has been traditionally used as an excellent carminative and an all-inclusive solution for digestive woes. It also helps improve digestive fire and normal liver functions due to its hot potency ( Ushna veerya). Ayurvedic classical texts support its Krimighna property( killing intestinal worms) and hence it enhances good intestinal health.It promotes normal absorption of nutrients in the body and helps with the normal assimilation of food we ingest. The quintessential part is that andrographis can also eliminate Ama by rekindling Agni (digestive fire). 

Supports Normal Detoxification

Andrographis helps to maintain normal detoxification which helps remove metabolic toxins from the body. It combats the Pitta imbalances in the body which will gradually pave the way to skin problems(Kushtaghna). This is due to its bitter taste( Tikta) and Pitta pacifying nature.

Supports Normal Liver Functions

Andrographis is great for maintaining the normal functioning of the liver⁵. Owing to the bitter and calming qualities of Andrographis , it helps to regulate increased Pitta in the blood and stagnant Pitta in the liver, thus enhancing liver function (Yakrth uthejaka)  and stimulating normal bile production.


Each Andrographis capsule from Kerala Ayurveda contains 325 mg: organic Andrographis paniculata ( aerial part).

Active principles: Andrographis exhibit rich concentration of diterpenoids, lactones, diterpene glycosides, flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides. The main active component is considered to be Andrographolide and Andrographiside extract that possess numerous therapeutic properties

Using Andrographis Safely Is Our Principle Concern

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and people suffering from hypertension, duodenal ulcers, hyperacidity, and oesophageal reflux disease may have Andrographis only (strictly) on prescription by a certified ayurvedic doctor.

Kerala Ayurveda Inc

Kerala Ayurveda USA is part of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd., a full-spectrum Ayurvedic company with a 75-year operating record spanning academies, products, research, clinics, hospitals and resorts. What began as an apothecary on the banks of the Periyar River has expanded to an extensive practitioner line of highly efficient and safe remedies. Kerala Ayurveda USA opened its doors in 2006 and today offers traditional Ayurvedic education, wellness services and products to a global network of practitioners and health seekers.

We take pride in what we do. A commitment to make a healthy choice to bring Wellness, Naturally!

Andrographis and Normal Glucose Metabolism

Andrographis and Normal Glucose Metabolism

The active compound andrographolide in Andrographis helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels already within normal range. This labdane diterpene lactone helps the release of insulin from the beta pancreatic cells thus promoting the utilisation of glucose. The inhibitions of alpha- glucosidase and alpha- amylase enzymes and stimulation of insulin sensitivity is considered directly related to the active compounds present in Kerala Ayurveda’s Andrographis.

These enzymes are involved in the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates which normally results in a postprandial increase in blood glucose levels. So in nut-shell, the hypoglycemic effect of Andrographolide is by

  • Lowering blood glucose level through inhibition of Alpha glucosidase and Alpha amylase
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity uptake and oxidation by peripheral tissues
  • Controlling abnormal lipid metabolism
  • Scavenging free radicals from circulation which disrupt the plasma membrane integrity resulting in a decreased number of efficient plasma membrane receptors necessary to uptake glucose from the bloodstream.

Since it is loaded with antioxidants Andrographis also supports to maintain normal glucose levels already within normal range⁶

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