The plants, falling from heaven, said
The man, whom living we pervade,
will not perish.


Kerala Ayurveda USA’s Apothecary is part of Kerala Ayurveda Limited, a full spectrum Ayurvedic company with deep roots in India. Since 1945, it has been our commitment to share the most authentic, highest quality Ayurvedic products and wisdom.

What We Offer

Traditional Ayurvedic wisdom

At every stage of the process, we curate Ayurvedic product offerings in the spirit of our ancient tradition. It is with humble respect to every seed and plant that our team creates your product, including our Ayurvedic clinical consultants, scientists, farmers, pickers, manufacturer, designers, packagers and distributors.

Unparalleled quality and value

Rooted by the Vedas and powered by modern science, Kerala Ayurveda is a pioneer in high quality herbal manufacturing. Our Research & Development and Quality Control team ensures that every batch meets the highest standards of safety, purity and efficacy. We offer the only Ayurvedic products which meet the requirements of California state’s Proposition 65, requiring the utmost clarity of products from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Inspiration for a global movement

Kerala Ayurveda’s award-winning wellness and educational sectors reach thousands of wellness seekers every year and growing with the empowering message that your healer is within. Under this guiding principle, we deliver nature’s greatest gift: the natural ingredients which support healing from the inside out. We believe that planetary health is only possible when every individual like you is able to live your fullest potential.

From Seed to Shelf

There are thousands of herbal recipes in the traditional Vedic texts. They were designed at a time when the abundance of naturally healing ingredients from India’s majestic jungles and mountains were understood by each local village’s Vaidya, or Ayurvedic practitioner. We proudly offer over 100 of the most popular formulations, made with love and attention to authentic detail. A genuine seed-to-shelf company, your product comes from our thousands of acres of herbal farms and gardens. 

Our Products

Classical Formulations

Our formulations come in a variety of traditional forms including Herbalized Ghee (Ghritham), Jam (Lehyam), Cream (Lepam), Tablet (Gulika) and. Fermented Liquid (Arishtham).

Traditional Oils - Thailams

A wide array of traditional thailams carefully crafted with the finest herbs in sesame, castor or coconut oil bases.

Skin and Beauty

All natural oils, creams and cleansers for skin and hair care.

Signature Products - Classically Inspired

Modern science meets ancient wisdom in our classically inspired signature products, including single herb formulations, skincare, oils, softgels and capsules and more.

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